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Economic Theory Economics is the study of how the business world works: the goal is to develop process models that describe the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economic theories generally come from two primary disciplines: macro-economics, or top-down modeling, and micro-economics, or bottom-up modeling. The Greek root of the word economics can be loosely translated as "good household management." Governments generally rely on several economic theories to form legislation, depending on circumstances and politics. This forum category provides a place to consider economic ideas and forms of wealth management and distribution. It is not a place to promote political agendas or parties. Business Development Business development in the 21st century requires flexible solutions to dynamic problems. One of the leading trends, in both national and international arenas, is <strong>BPO</strong> activity (Business Process Outsourcing). Large corporations are trimming more of their employee base to decrease overhead expense and liabilities, outsourcing more project-oriented activities to global freelance workers. Political Theory Political theory is the study of both events and institutions. Political theorists from Plato to Hannah Arendt have analyzed the responsibilities of government and the uses of power in historical, philosophical, and sociological terms. Adoption of crypto currencies will depend in part on political decisions about business practices and the economy made at all levels, from the local to the international. This forum category provides a place to consider political ideas and forms of government. It is not a place to promote candidates or political parties. Business Library Finance, Economics and Business Development Files Repository International Finance International Finance, a component of global macroeconomics, addresses issues involving currency exchange, currency risk, political risks, global market expansion, and monetary policies of nations, seeking to increase national export development. How do monetary policies of nations affect global business development of fledgling businesses? How do businesses mitigate or leverage foreign financial environments to their advantage? How do businesses hedge against foreign currency risks during recessionary and expansionary global economies? Global Economy Developing into an ever-globalizing economic powerhouse, changing the definition of “competitive advantage” from strictly a corporate focus, to that of combined corporate and national capabilities, commercial strength and sustainability now require the integration of corporate innovation with national competitive advantages; concentrating on worker productivity, national tax structures, as well as comparative financial strengths.
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