$0 stock trading platform, available only on iOS


Off topic, but you guys might be interested…
I have 5 invites to http://robinhood.com if you’re interested. It’s a $0 stock trading platform, available only on iOS. I would assume it’s US only, but don’t know for sure. Does anyone want one?

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Looks nice. Can I have one?


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IOS only is lame :mad:


True, but if you spend $300 or so on an iPad mini, then you can recoup that cost after about 30 - 40 trades, depending on what platform you’re comparing with.


Granted, in that case it makes sense. I used to buy/sell stocks but always sold too early, at the end i only gained a headache during tax season…and either ended up a bit or lost a bit


Yeah, I had that problem at one time, too. I’m using this just to start acquiring stocks and building a portfolio. Going after long-term gains, I’m making a point not to worry about what happens in the meantime.

My worst attempt was buying up a couple thousand shares of Etoys at .25 with the plan of selling them at .26 or higher. It just went down to $0 instead.


I am interested. Is there any catch? The only thing I can see is
"$22.10 per
$1,000,000 of
principal (sells
only), rounded up to
the nearest penny"

Not bad! So nearly $0. Any idea if trades have a lower success rate because of the really low fees?

I have several iOS devices. Please let me know if it is still available. Thanks!