100 GHX or more


I want to buy 100 GHX or more (0.0185 BTC). Please PM if interested.

Thanks in advance.


at 260.00$ US youll be lucky to buy under .021


yeah, you missed them, there were 300 for sale on the exchange past few days for .0189 You would be better to go direct to Hashnest for the time being. You can get S5 hash for 0.0013891 per GH’s and the Maint. is only .001175 as well


You forgot to mention that HN will only mine Ant which doesn’t apply for GHX. In general we come out ahead of Ant unless they are on a run and we didn’t switch over.

@listmi avg going rate for GHX is $4.90-5.10 with BTC at $264.30 you’re looking at 0.186 - 0.0193 BTC per GHX.




True, but as there are not very many GHX available, Just another alternative at the moment. Is another Batch of Miners in the Works? I wouldn’t mind buying 500 Shares of GHX @ .0185 or less if a quantity deal can be arranged… :stuck_out_tongue:


You would have to get in line as I got first dibs.
Got to maintain the floor after all and 500 GHX is barely a quantity deal :smile:

Also before any new batches are talked about, the team should focus on moving the current batch to the new DC that is eminently planned :+1:


Well, I am up for a larger quantity if the price were right… :slight_smile: But I understand… and I don’t like lines… :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t everything ship out tomorrow?


Yep, it’s been a busy day behind the scenes :smile:
Announcement will come “when it’s ready” :tm:

Sorry for derailing this poor fellows thread…


Oh I’m sure, Will these miners be issued as new GHX for purchase or re-issued to the original holders?


Since the move involves the existing hardware, there will be no new GHX for purchase created from the move.
The pending announcement will have all the details :wink:


today is the day… :ant:.

half, 214 S5’s.

:point_up: after catching some :sleeping:… website is almost ready too… big day.


[SOLD] wow… sometimes the karmic signs align… I got offered an incredible deal on an Elekio bar and bumpers. To quote my wife " If you want anothr friggin weight set you better sell some of your precious bitstuff". imagine calliung an elekio bar and bumpers a weight set!!

anyway, listing GHX at a very reasonable price… jump on it before I change my mind.


If that 115.5 GHX @ .0184 is yours, PM me. I will take them but have to hang on till Friday (Pull them) My BTC will be available from coinbase then, they take forever…