10k- experiment 10k coin discussion


Anybody else staking this coin?

I mined a few and cashed in some stellars that I forgot about. Staking is crazy. I must say I am having fun staking for the first time.

Edit: added some info.

Here is the Ann from BTC

Block explorer:

Dev has 3 coins I think. Same dev as Snowballs.


Interesting, you happen to have some ref links?


Yes here is the Ann from BTC

Block explorer:

Dev has 3 coins I think. Same dev as Snowballs.


just about when i got some coins, they go and shut it down, so no thanks


Shut what down? It’s an alt coin and my wallet is staking away as I type this.


I think he’s talking about the POW phase.


Ok that would make sense. Pow was tough after the first day since each block was only one coin and it ended on block 100,000


talk about a moving target…Why even get into that circle is beyond me, its a coin going nowhere quickly ----IMHO


I pulled out all the btc plus some. Now it’s the houses money. Staking away and selling a few here and there. :smiley: