2 s3's one Power supply


Looking for some help here
I have 2 s3’s
Can I use one power supply for 2 if its got 4 connectors and enough wattage to cover the 340 each?
say an 800 or 850?

I just dont want to deal with that many power supplies. I have a couple s1’s running as well.



I’ve ran 2 S3’s on 1 CX750, you’ll be fine with a PSU 750+ watts




I’ve run two S1’s off of one quality 750 power supply. I wouldn’t try it with a cheap PS, but the quality ones have over-current protection that will kick in when you’ve pushed things too far. Obviously, if the PCIe wires are beyond warm to the touch, you’re probably going too far, irrespective of the over-current protection.


what @sburn said: let them run for an hour and check the wires, if they are slightly warm, all is good, any warmer than a nice hot ass cheek and you should probably get a second psu.


If your S3 froze from time to time, buy better quality P/S or bigger wattage. EVGA G2 series are pretty good.


I will be sure to keep an eye on them once they get mining.

Appreciate the help. I just upgraded from using block erupters to Antminers so just trying to get it right.

GH is a great resource!