301: InsufficientAssetQuantityError


When attempting to purchase asset I receive this error 301: InsufficientAssetQuantityError. Any idea what’s going on?


Or your btc balance is not sufficient. Or the seller has already moved the assets out of the selling address.

You need to be aware that the transaction fee of 0.00015 is added. Also when you have a lot of small deposits to the address you are using it can be a higher fee depending on the amount of inputs.

Can you give me the order number and address?


Hi @daffy order # is Order Nr 1247, I have well over the btc amount needed including fees.



Hmm the asset amount is not in the address anymore. I have marked the order as rejected.


Ah I understand, thanks for clearing it up @daffy.


I get this error’s sister, “insufficient funds” sometimes when trying to clear out an address of most of the btc, despite leaving enough behind for the tx fee, it still gives the error.


It all depends on how many inputs there are. Due to the recent attacks we chose to set the fees to 0.00015/kb so if you have a lot of small inputs then it will be increases by that number. It’s on the planning list to add some kind of manual fee and/or display of the calculated fees.


same with Order Nr 1503 :confused: