42 Coin Mining and Trading


Anyone following 42 coin? Why is this coin in such demand at such a high price? It appears to be noting more than another scrypt coin yet the it is going for between 4 and 6 BTC each.


Well there will be only 42 coins mined so look at that ration against the number of BTC


I am wondering why more people are not mining it then


the block reward sucks?

edit: a quick read through the last page of their thread indicates a lack of devs and lots of orphans if mining:


The wallet won’t finish sync’ing and the actual webpage for the coin is unavailable. I’d say the coin has been abandoned. I was going to try to mine the coin in early January and the wallet issue is what kept me from doing it.


Well, you could always mine the coin to your cryptsy wallet. I would have to check to see if there is a pool for 42coin.


I found a couple still in operation with a decent pool speed.


I might buy some used scrypt miner(s) and mine that for a while maybe.


I’m about to turn mine back on. My script miners have been off for a couple of weeks.

I’m running :smile: