About the International Finance category


International Finance, a component of global macroeconomics, addresses issues involving currency exchange, currency risk, political risks, global market expansion, and monetary policies of nations, seeking to increase national export development. How do monetary policies of nations affect global business development of fledgling businesses? How do businesses mitigate or leverage foreign financial environments to their advantage? How do businesses hedge against foreign currency risks during recessionary and expansionary global economies?

This section develops discussions in business and market expansion, through avoidance of the pitfalls of multiple foreign currency environments, relating to the risks associated with economic policies of national central banks, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. Discussions include financial barriers to entrance, in protected markets, for small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on business models that leverage financial protections to develop new opportunities in markets.

This is an “ideas” section to help current and would-be entrepreneurs understand the financial aspects of global market development.