ACMT Artist Giveaway


Just a little reminder in its own topic that Artist Colony Mining Token is having an artist giveaway for 5 ACMT colored Bitcoin assets. Dealine for submissions is June 18th. Voting will begin after that.

Full details can be found here -

Good luck to the entrants :slight_smile:


alright folks we have 5 entries into the contest so far and we have until the 18th of this month for the submissions. one more call for artists! Get your submission in by the 18th and be entered in to win the contest. voting will be open after the 18th and all who want to vote are welcome. we need to show these artists just a little lovej for having the confidence to share their pieces with us


ACMT Artist Giveaway contest voting is now active. We have 4 entries for your voting pleasure. Please go over to the voting page:

And show these artists some love as they were brave enough to enter :slight_smile: Voting will be active until June 25th. We will pick the winner and then award them with their 5 ACMT


Vote placed, they’re all good, but voted for the one which made me say “oo, I like that” :slight_smile:


Right on @BoB !! Thanks for voting. Eye catching is the one to choose lol :wink:


Did you vote for the Tardis picture @BoB? Just curious lol


Yeah, that’s my fave, never enjoyed Dr Who till mt daughter got me in to it now I love it :slight_smile:


I’m a Whovian from way back. We used to have a little club that met on Saturdays at the local to watch 70’s era Doctor Who episodes :slight_smile: Yeah I’m such a geek but I love me lol


I voted :smile:


Thanks for voting Dave! :slight_smile:


We’ve got a real hot voting match going on over at and we still have 5 days to go until the end of voting

1st place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place


Two more days left for voting. Contest ends on the 25th. Let’s give those votes one more push before the end!!! :slight_smile:


We have our winner for the ACMT Artist Giveaway - If @beccief could please contact me with her asset address; I can send her 5 ACMT. Thank you to all of our artists who contributed to the contest :slight_smile:

ACMT - Artist Colony Mining Token

wowee! thanks everyone!


Congrats Beccie! Your 5 ACMT are on their way to your wallet -

Thanks for participating and your work is awesome! :slight_smile:


Congrats lothendriel. New artist giveaway, please. :wink:

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Very soon my friends very soon. We will be gearing up for another artist giveaway contest for ACMT. I am planning out what to do. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: