I visit this site and astonished to see the profit calculator, Is that all good with this site?


Is this the current rate of Bitcoin? i think…


Never heard of them before, but they sound a bit too good to be true. plus the classic “red flag” of an affiliate program, this time with 10 levels of depth? no fee for hosting an S5+?


not so good report here:

and another:

also, users on bitcointalk have identified their business model as “they’re just buying cloud mining off Hashnest and selling it at a higher price.

Take it with a grain of salt, but this time, it looks quite obvious. (

Not even defending themselves in their own ANN-topic? hmmm…

Anyone else in here have experience with them?

Definitely, I’d stay away. Hashnest or GHX is the better option right now, since they are legit and unlikely to disappear in a puff of smoke, with your money of course.


Its name also not available on scam list.


Thats because it didnt implode as a ponzi… Yet.

Once it does it will be reported as a scam

By that time your money will be gone allready


How should I pay respect and unanswered.
Its so difficult to manage


I don’t regard as very trustworthy. Their past involvment with Paycoin and the fact that it took ages before they added LTCGear make me weary of them.

Generally speaking, there are not many legit BTC generating operations going on. GHX, Hashnest, Genesis-Mining are the only cloud operators I have enough experience with to vouch for them. Their returns are realistic, since they take place in reality.

If you find cloudmining services that offer much better terms and returns, there is a 99% chance it will be a scam.


Their fees are high. One is probably better off buying from Hashnest since you will be stuck on the Antpool.

Hmmmm … doesn’t sound very legit.
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That doesn’t mean very much. itself is a know supporter of past scams :smile:

This :+1:


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Stay safe and use Hashnest. Problem is with bitcoin price under $250 ROI will take too long. The best way to use Hashnest IMO is to buy and sell hashrate when the prices of hashing power are on the rise.

Once you have an account at Hashnest … open one for free to get used to the interface … under the Hash tab on left check out the options. If you click AntS5 then History and One Day you can see price of S5 hashing power is on the decline. Slope of the price on the chart is down and the MA5 (five day moving average) is under the MA15. Same thing for S4 and S3. UMISOO and S2 are not being sold right now because maintenance fees are greater than payouts.

In the past the most profitable contract to trade was UMISOO. Probably will be back once bitcoin price is over $280 again. Frankly I would wait to buy at Hashnest until bitcoin price breaks out of this trading range and a new bull market wave is in effect. When you see the price of hashrate trending up is the time to buy, and in the past the action was UMISOO.

If you have to buy hashing power right now the best buy is S5 at Hashnest, but be prepared to hold long term. Myself I will wait to buy and just hold bitcoin for now. There is no rush bitcoin is not going anywhere and timing is everything.


Therefore added to our Watchlist category.


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ADVGeneration LLC, File Number 5426387

No business registration found by google which appears to be odd.

ADVGeneration CLOUD Mining Online: 610 days

Never heard of them which doesn’t mean anything.

According to the domain has privacy protection enabled which again isn’t uncommon but odd for a company that has it’s registration number on their website.