AM Hash suspends payment


You can get all latest informations of AMHash transferring from here
All hashrate transferring and devidends will be paused from 9th Feb to 25th Feb - the Spring Festival of China.
Dear Customers, The transfer,dividends and withdraw applications will not approved from 10th February to 28th February for The Spring Festival Holiday coming.We will restart all those things in the beginning of March.

Not good!


Well that’s a new and creative excuse for suspending operations.


Absolutely crazy they pull this shitt. Though as mine is through Havelock there is a term under risk control so hopefully they follow through with extra 0.02%…

  1. If the delay of payment happens, all unpaid payments will be accounted separately on daily basis and increase by 0.02% per day(flat rate based on the initial unpaid payment amount, no compound rate) after three days.


They need to lower the minimum amount for payouts from 0.05 and they could have sent out e-mails warning of this.


I got an email on 2/8 from Havelock about it…


I bet you $20 all those Chinese BTC mines are still running straight through the holiday :slight_smile:


I would guarantee it


Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

We got the GH farm online last minute as well. It was this week or, at the end of the month :wink:


Yeap, looking at Bitmaintech, S5 shipping is suspended until the Chinese Holidays end

Shipping ends on Feb.14, starts on Feb.25 due to Chinese New Year Holidays. We will ship out all units ordered before 11:00am Feb.14 Beijing Time Zone GMT +8.


I started a withdrawal at AMHash on the 8th Feb. Still “frozen”. But the dividends were still adding up until the 12th. I also ordered an S5 from Bitmain which according to DHL is currently either held or cleared by customs. I know from the past that it bounces between the two for a week and then all the travel happens in one day :smile:


My son worked in China and said that for the Chinese Spring Festival everything shuts down. All we see running is the bare minimum automated mining and payout operation. Virtually all the staff is gone until first of March. Very annoying, but that’s the nature of the Chinese culture.


Thanks for sharing and confirm.

Remember Beijing Olympics ?
They shut down all the heavy industries during the games to clean the air from pollution.

Try do that here !


you guys are mad and don’t seem to know china well…


Hmmmm, I do know China (been there a few times) and yes, I’m mad :slight_smile:


Don’t know much China, True
Mad, could be true :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wanna learn more, sure :eyeglasses:


it’s always been like that in China + they are selfish so YES they will get their stuff running but not ours and it’s quite normal.

Ain’t the first time they are doing this kind of stuff, and I mean not in BTC Mining.


Right, the Chinese new year stretches way beyond their frontiers as well. Over the next week business will be slow fro Shanghai over HongKong through Vietnam all the way down to Thailand and Malaysia. It’s actually a great time of the year… if you’re in Asia :slight_smile:


Welp that figures, I was wondering why my ticket was open for almost 7 days now.



The year of the :ram: :wink:


That ram better run if it sees @tankjnr coming up from behind