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AMHash credited my Hashie power. Well, the power I had “through” Hashie anyway. I wish they wouldn’t be constantly sold out.

Does anyone here have experience with buying AMHash power on Havelock and then transferring it over to AMHash?

Don’t think I want any Hashie “Magic” miners. Lost about 450 GH with them taking the pee…


I had my shares transferred from Hashie and I was going to buy a few but it looks like there is none available at Havelock.


Is that still the case. I just bought some in their open market a few days ago. AMHASH1



There are more rumours over at bct about the missing friedcat and all our BTC.
Apparently, a “partner” factory at the mining location was stealing electricity. Whether AMHash were directly involved we don’t know. However, it appears that all concerned at that site were arrested and equipment impounded. Lots of other bits and pieces but it’s all conjecture still. Waiting for an announcement from the AMHash “board”.


So what now? Kidnapped, Arrested, stolen electricity, [spoiler]new world order[/spoiler]… what is it?


So the latest news is up.
the best quote from bct is this …

It basically says we are f*cked… rockxie is as out of pocket as most and has had his bitcoin dream vanish as easy as it started all because the cat got roasted grilled baked and fried


The best part of this whole situation (if there is one) is trying to make sense of the poorly translated chinese news.

Fried Cat (the words) have so many variations in Chinese it appears :smile:


poached ■■■■■ ? :slight_smile:
Hey that’s not fair, pussie isn’t a rude word, it’s the colloquial name for a domestic cat in the UK. Poor old Mrs Slocumbe …


Any news on this? I stayed out of it but have a friend who purchased about 20 THs.


Last news :

DATE: March 22, 2015

Dividends deduct
We will
deduct the dividends(0.11973BTC/GHS) from 9th Feb - 9th
Mar(20150208-20150309) as we have not received the dividends from
ASICMiner since 8th Feb

Account register
if you don’t have havelock account,please register at

Withdrawal page has been removed :frowning:




ASICMINER is offering a buyback at 0.3 BTC per TH/s (roughly 40% of last trade price)

AM Hash suspends payment

That’s kinda interesting. First AMHash converted the Hashie customers now ASICMINER is offering a buy-back at 60% of the value. For those that own AMHash this is sure better than nothing but it makes you wonder.


I don’t think it’s 60% :frowning:
0.0003 per GH/s

I bought at $0.45 per GH/s and I am now offered $0.07
I guess it’s better than nothing.
BTW, there is a transfer form available if you log into AMhash now. Transfer to havelock in order to swap shares for the rescue fund.


Yeah that has been there for a while. I moved my AMHash power which was converted from Hashie to Havelock a while ago. Think it was in January.


How long did the transfer take ? I submitted about 3 days ago and nothings happened yet.


Can’t remember. It took a few days but that is a good 2-3 months ago and I sold the power on Havelock and bought S4 on HashNest since it was cheaper than the AMHash shares at that time.


Hmmm, I guess my shares will go direct to the new rescue fund, not that anybody will be buying amhash now anyway. But, you can never tell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, I transferred from Hashie to Amhash after the hack, now Amhash to Havelock after the “issues”. Now, I need to transfer from Amhash to Amhashlc on Havelock, which will transfer to 0.0003 BTC per share, which I will transfer the hell out of there and end that horror show. Still unsure if previous dividends owed will come through : |

Think the buck will finally stop there or more craziness still in store? Anyone transferred to AmhashLC already?