An Introduction to BIP70


Here is a short introduction on the upcoming upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol.


Here’s a decent introductory article with references written by Sandy Ressler:


:angry: :anguished: &%$§&…[spoiler]the sky shall fall on his head[/spoiler]… :angry:


Well, I guess he wanted to monetize it. Can’t blame him for trying to make a little $$, eh?


Yeah looks like it but doesn’t make sense. If you have ad-sense on your videos those will display in embedded videos as well. Anyway, still watching, the presentation is not bad.

Around 3:30 he’s making a good point which is the continued use of 3rd party processors when shopping online which is not only inconvenient but usually bugged or a lengthy process (plus the person buying requires a balance with said 3rd party processor).