Antminer S5+ Now available!!!


check this out!!

do i here a possible GHX Batch 3??

more Efficient… More Power… :smile:


wow…too much power even if it is efficient


never too much power… :smiling_imp:


Power Consumption: 3436W (at the wall, with AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp)

Thats gona get the power co calling the cops for sure…


exactly…too much power


three 1600 watt PSU’s… Damn thats gotta push some heat…


Batch 1 sold out within hours of release!


It’s more efficient, but only barely, and most of that power efficiency probably comes from an expected rise to 204-240V mains rather than 120V. Considering their power efficiency is 93% for their calculations, it’s definitely meant for data center usage at higher voltages.

Aside from that, it increases the chip density on the boards, so you get more hashing out of the same real estate, but the chips themselves are the same as the S5, so unless you’re already planning on buying some S5’s for datacenter hosting, it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, if you are planning data-center hosting, it’s a good time to compare prices between S5 and S5+ to determine which one you want on your racks.


It’s a shame they didn’t offer these as “single” units that can run on 120V circuits :frowning:

Starting to wonder if the S5 isn’t going to be the last “home miner” we see.


Well then it would depend on where you live… my home power is 240v :wink:


Must be nice having 240 power… You live in Europe??