AntRouter .... LOL did Bitmain mean to publicize this?



I think “internal sales” is China, so probably yes they did but not sure about the sanity of publishing the email addresses…


debates submitting a bug to see if he can get a reward :smile:


yes, I though that was a bit strange also, so what will these things do exactly other then perform as any other router?


I think the thought was as a bitcoin lotto machine…
Constantly humming along in the hope it solo mines a block?


That’s pretty much the idea, I think. If they made it capable of joining a pool then they’ve got a winning product.

Better than anything 21inc have come up with so far lol


Solo miner on Antpool and cell phone charger as well as router.


I dont know what it is exactly but I want one :slight_smile:


New cheap toys, much happiness :smile:


Those email names remind me of this…


These will sell fast, cheap cheap miners all around.


Looks like it can only mine solo and into your Bitmain account and you will be contacted if you dig a block… chances are something like 0.000000000000001 XPY

Would be way better to enable pool mining.

Then again, the 20 USD ANTMINER U3 BATCH 2 will be a better bet I reckon, 60 Ghash = $1.6 per 5Ghash. But can it internet. No. Afraid not. Does it need to? No. Afraid not :smiley:

EDIT: Its also taken down from sales site


Not quite sure I like the idea of an unregulated chinese devise that more than likely has full control by bitmain running freely connected to the internet.


Yeap could be a gadget idea from DefCon


It just seems like it could be a direct link to any of your BTC wallets…


Not to mention all your internet traffic flows through the device, so it’s the perfect way to spy on everything you’re doing.
I’m not a technical guy, but could a router also be used for malicious intent like sending packets of data to your network to infect it somehow?


Yeap, enough concern for the military to stop doing business with Lenovo


It popped up a while ago on Antpool and was quickly removed again.


ITS ALIVE!!! lol


I was tempted and then read 5.5GH/s and Antpool solo mode :smiley:

Although looking at the solo tab on Antpool I see this:

4 djyS4 Hash: 120.35 MH/s Luck: 2102803738.32%