Anybody still have their scrypt miners running?


As the title says, I’m curious to know how many people are still running their scrypt hardware. I have ROI’d on all of my physical equipment and I’m still renting my GAW Black Widows and Fury’s on leaserig at around .00031 per MH. Its just barely justifiable for me anymore with electricity costs. The only thing keeping me going currently is that it’s winter where I live and we can use the extra heat :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you’re still running scrypt hardware, where and what do you mine? Have you ROI’d? What type of overhead do you have to deal with? What will it take for you to shut it all down?

EDIT: Please feel free to share about any of your hardware and your experiences with it, regardless of algo.


Yes I still got 5 gridseeds and 2 Fury’s running they are mining at the right now I usually get 0.05XPY/day with those.

I had them at MRR before and usually got 0.01BTC/MH lower hashrates can ask higher prices.


I shut it all down just before Thanksgiving, actually. The noise irritated the Mrs. to no end, and the few pennies per day the miners earned after power costs wasn’t worth the strife.


Still running the one Fury I have. It cost me 0 to run, so I’ll run it till it dies.


I somehow completely forgot about the XPY multipool… That’s not a bad rate either… I think I’ll try that out tonight, thanks!


Luckily mine are all in the basement so noise isn’t too much of an issue for us. The pennies per day income is what I’m having issues with right now as well. I’m going to give the paycoin multipool a shot as Daffy suggested since there’s at least a chance those will gain some value over time to make it worthwhile.


5 cube Titan over at


Yowza. Those should crank out some mean XPY


Ah you bought a fifth? A shame my electric costs are so high here Or I would buy some too.


I’ve still got 10 Fury’s mining neoscoin (multipool) just to support the coin.
At this point, definitely costing more to run than I’m bringing in, but its not always about the money.


Welcome @Miramyn why not use it’s not bad in payouts.


Just spoke to @AnimoEsto and we’ll be moving the SHA256 daemons from to the new pool this weekend and drop Coinium. I suppose we’ll be able to add some scrypt daemons at the same time. Question is which ones?


That should be pretty easy to determine… depending of course on where you are trading them. Newer the better.


I agree but as you know we don’t just mine to dime but to support as well. So the coin selection would have to be a mix of profit and support mining. I guess Dodge is an obvious choice, any other suggestions?


If you provide low diff stratum or at least a vardiff DOGE is a good choice.

Here are some choice pasted from another site.



I still have my 2 furys and a blizzard x6 on MRR they do pretty well. I turned off the gblack and thunder x6 bit ago. been thinking about firing them up to point to the xpy pool though.


Well like I said @daffy its not always about the money
In this case I prefer to support a coin that isn’t a hyped up clone made on a bed of lies and broken promises
Just a personal preference though :smile:


I agree. I prefer to support neos than paycoin (100 times)


Thank you Daffy! I like ULTC and LTCD so I definitely 2nd those. The others seem decent too.

@SDRebel got any SHA256 hardware?


All mine are turned off and collecting dust, the wife is happy about that :smile:

Maybe turn them back on for white noise when the baby is born.