Anyone else get this BTCLend email?


This probably bothers me way more than it should, however, I thought I’d see if anyone else got it. I wake up this morning and check my email to find this:

Now, I do not have any “friends” that use BTCLend. I have never shared my info with them in any way. This leads me to believe that they somehow have received my info from HJG, a “Good Friend”. I’m sure it was in the terms of HT or something that they had the right to share our info. It just makes me nauseous to see the words “Good Friend” and it be possible that the info came from HJG (HT). I will now make all efforts to avoid BTCLend like the plague knowing it may somehow be related to HJG, or that some deal was made with him to get contact info.


BTCLend and LendCoin Scam by Carmelo Milian

The email address used is from gawminers or from hashtalk I used the same address due to the HP link. So or from gawminers or from HT.

Edit time to remove those email addresses from my email server getting too many junk emails from them.


Yea, they are related to HJG, there’s a thread on here about it somewhere… There’s a lot of doubt and unasnwered questions with BTCLend and CMillan (The CEO)… He hasn’t been asnwering questions about some “rogue dev” they had that supposedly was selling staking XPY on the markets… Just another shady guy associated with HJG…


Not only is that some what annoying, “A Good Friend though you may…” is so amateur hour retarded that it would inspire no confidence in anyone who wasn’t already aware that BTCLend is dodgy as ■■■■.

Hey, @cmilian can you even count to potato?


I think the dev was “rouge”.

Anyway, here is @cmillian discussing the issue, it goes on for quite a while:

XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY

@miaviator summed it up:


Tomatoe, Celery, Potatoe? Same difference!

He could have been a rogue as well… We don’t know if he had daggers and a cloak during his day job.


I didn’t get that email. Does that mean I’m off their list?

“Elated” doesn’t quite cover my feelings about this discovery. :smile:


While I did not get that specific email from BTCLend, I did get an announcement email from them today about BTCLend v2.0.

Also, is apparently allowing “buy now, pay later”. Here’s the email I received from them:


Got the email too. Pissed that piece of ■■■■ is using my address from HashTalk. ■■■■■■ up.
@cmilian: get you ■■■■ together and NEVER send me anything again. You ruined your reputation even more. You’re unbelievable.


Yeah i found this annoying in my email and the misspelled Thought gave me flashbacks. Nice to see they created their own dedicated repressive banning forum.


Locking thread, there’s already a BTCLend discussion thread.



I would assume that BTCLend got your mail from TeamXPX or whoever has control over the customer DB of ZenCloud and Paybase.

I haz the power!



That could very well be. It’s quite aggravating, however it happened.



I can still post though :stuck_out_tongue:

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