Anyone else get this Slack invite from GetHashing?


Hey guys,
Checked my email today to see this:

Which made me excited (even though I have 0 clue what “Slack” is lol anyone know?)
But then I clicked the link and some ballsy Mofo REVOKED MY INVITE AFTER SENDING IT TO ME

Haha I’m just not sure what’s going on
Thanks :slight_smile:


Invite sent.


I got one a few days back, also revoked…


Yup me too…invite was revoked.

I’m on slack with BitCoinDark and SuperNet. It’s much cleaner to use than IRC. I think i read somewhere that it runs on the blockchain…but i may be confused on that point-lol.




yup got the email… but the link said something about being revoked or whatever.


PM Me your email is what i meant :smile:


Same here, invite revoked


shoot me your email.


I got one, got it taken away, easy come easy go i suppose :stuck_out_tongue:


BTC Tip Bot added to the GHslack.

Use it with care! The bot utilizes the chain directly to move funds between users. Thus the default network fee of 0.0001 BTC per transactions applies. :wink:

If you haven’t received an invite to GHslack or if your old invite has expired, shoot me a PM with the email address to be used for the invitation.