Anyone into slingshots?



I am ill and off work, so I had a good opportunity today to finish my first slingshot. Been playing around with different ones I bought for a while now and having good fun slowly improving my aim.

But this is the first one I made myself from some wood I found in a dead hedge in the forest. I don’t really know what kind of wood it is, but it turned out a nice wood pattern after I applied some oil to it.

Anyone else sharing this hobby here?


I used to hunt with a slingshot as a kid, before I was old enough to get my own rifle. I haven’t used one in forever, but it was always a lot of fun. :smile:


Hunting squirrels? :wink:

I got a nice one that shoots arrows too, tried it on an old car door, and it even penetrated.

I don’t shoot animals though. I’m not anti-hunt or anything, but it’s illegal over here and I have no need to do it either, my targets are cans and leaves :wink:


Squirrels, rabbits, fish, whatever. Hungry is hungry. :smile:


Nice one :+1:

Squirrels are to cute to shoot anyway.



That is a pretty sweet slingshot. Have you ever seen the videos of the crazy slingshot guy?;_ylu=X3oDMTBzcTlnazAzBHNlYwNjZC1hdHRyBHNsawNzb3VyY2UEdnRpZAM-/RV=2/RE=1423251381/RO=10/


@mharter: the link is not working, but I suppose you are referring to Jörg Sprave, the guy from the slingshotchannel?

He´s quite cool actually, his channel is quite entertaining. Remind me never to breka into the guy´s house, lol. Did you see his Dragonslayer slingshot?


This plus small ball bearings equals a rabbit or squirrels for dinner, and quieter than a .22LR.


Ah, the good old wrist rocket. I had the red bands, because they were cooler. :smile:


nothing beats 2-3 layers of TheraBand Gold to put an 8mm steel ball into a rotten Zombie skull :wink:


I remember having a couple of these as a kid…good times…every time I see them in Wal Mart I am tempted to get one…under $10 but I know I would end up getting my son in trouble…he he


slightly off topic…but in the same relm…water balloon launchers…I have sent people to the hospital and done property damage with them :wink:


That is the guy I was referring to…he is a true slingshot nut.


Oh my yes. One of those, a couple of buddies, a case of beer, and a couple dozen coconuts or frozen cans of water is a recipe for a wonderful evening.