Anyone up for hearing an utterly ridiculous idea....?


Found this site earlier, it got me fascinated and since they’re all registered and appear to be above board I’m considering throwing some money at them.

A cheap quick and easy way to become a property investor.

So anyway, that got me thinking along the li…

Ah hell. Anyone here is smart enough to know exactly what that got me thinking already.

How utterly ridiculous an idea…thoughts? :laughing:


You are offering to sell your body to investors so that we can all reap the “making it rain” money when you dance on the GoGo stage every night???

Am I close?


Not even remotely.

You forgot the unicorns :laughing:


That’s an interesting idea, and a perfect fit for something like colored coins. The only real problem I see is the investors. Crypto-folk balk at investments that take longer than 90 days to break even. I can’t see the average cryptocurrency enthusiast getting excited about real-estate. Similarly, there’s little reason for a more traditional investor, who may be more open to a longer term investment, to jump through the hoops required to deal with colored coins.



Pretty much what I was thinking…an interesting notion but no overwhelming or compelling reason at this point in time to take too seriously


Interesting idea, slightly different approach to the one I opened with. I wonder if they’ll expand. Crowd funding is certainly a growing thing, year on year at the moment.


I don’t see a way to invest with Bitcoin through your site or @dutchbatman1’s site they referenced.
Do I need to signup and then I will see these options?


No no, they’re not bitcoin based…just thinking out loud reg feasibility of doing the same sort of thing with bitcoin & coloured coins.



london is in the biggest property bubble ever seen in history, imo. wait for that to burst and watch it go down. If you think it will be stable or increase its a nice bet. If you have your doubts follow your instincts. As long as renting prices don’t go down you will be fine. As long as that fiat doesn’t go down either. seems like a good idea for emerging countries and or overpopulated areas. I know of a case of a man who lives in barcelona and commutes to london 5 days a week to work and he is saving 500 euros from what it would cost him to live a small apartment in london. and I mean small. Hes got his 140 meters downtown barcelona.


Not a crazy idea at all. I have some longer term plans to attempt to merge “regular” investments with colored coins/open assets. @dazme and I have discussed the idea in length. As @quigley says though, the biggest hurdle is the get rich mindset of 90% of the crypto space. This is why I am approaching ABC the way I am, making sure that people understand the long term planning and those that get it will be in for the ride, the rest will wish they had when they see the asset having been around for a “long” time with consistent payouts and growth, assuming I am successful, though I have to “know” that I will be or else I risk not.

If someone wanted to setup a company and the infrastructure as well as jump through the requisite hoops, you could easily have a hybrid investment. You would have 2 sets of investors, those that want to get in via check and those that invest via btc, with the asset running on colored coins, the firm handling the fiat investments would manage a wallet that held the asset in colored coin form equal to the share of fiat brought in, this person or persons would then cash that btc out and pass it on as needed to the fiat investors. You would also have the opportunity to slowly on board more people to the idea of colored coins, btc, etc.

Truth be told, it really isn’t all that complicated to setup a small investment group for the purposes of real estate investment, the only real issues would be strictly logistical in nature, re the above paragraph.


We here are not average. It’s not a crazy idea.


Fortunately there is still people outside of that space with a more realistic point of view which is mostly based on those people having been involved in “investments” for more than 5 years. But since most of those with blurred vision don’t even know the difference between breaking even and return on investment one can’t really call them investors. Gamblers is more appropriate.


Probably I’m missing something obvious, but how is this different from a REIT?

Now THAT would be different.


REITs are slightly different in that shares are sold, the proceeds of which are then invested in properties that the underlying company chooses to invest in, without segregation of properties, as separate investments. REITs make good and bad decisions on behalf of the investor group, affecting the long-term profitability potential of the group as a whole, not individually. In this example, the company is allowing each property to be a distinctly separate venture, where the individual investors have a choice whether it is worth the risk or not. It is a bit unique, this model. I like the structure and I can see imitating this business model, with some adjustments, for another project I would like to undertake in the future. By bypassing the banks, they save money on mortgage interest expense. That equates to more profit for the investor individually as well as for the main company. Banks are not loaning as they did, around the world, since the Financial Crisis of 2008. This approach is very sound and circumvents a lot of other issues relating to real estate financing. I like the idea a lot. However, I have a different target than this model.


Y’know, there’s a reason I love spending time here :slight_smile: