Are there any Hardware Sellers/Resellers anymore?


Just wondering, other than buying straight from the source? (Bitmain, Spoondoolies, etc)


EBay. :blush:


These guys still make hardware


Bitmain, Spoondolies, KnCMiner, Alcheminer, Sfards… all busy working on their next gen hardware. I think there is very few resellers out there and I blame that on the failure of resellers in 2104. The manufacturers might have realized that the resellers don’t do anything they can’t do themselves without the bad press if one of them folds or rips off his customers.


In addition to the realization that it is much more profitable for a manufacturer to mine with their own next-gen hardware for 60 days or so before releasing it into the market than it is to just manufacture and sell it immediately.


Absolutely agree, resellers really only made shipping easier and quicker. No other benefit.