Armed Assault 3


Anyone playing ArmA3?

The Armed Assault series of games is developed by Bohemia Interactive Studios who was the original developer of Operation Flashpoint previously published by CodeMasters. BIS then ventured into military combat simulation by founding BIA (Bohemia Interactive Australia and Virtual Battlespace (VBS) was born.

VBS is used by several military contractors around the world including the MoD, ADF, USArmy. USMC and Special Forces for combat simulation. This includes Convoy training, SpecOps mission planning and so on. In fact BIA developed a scenario which was a 1:1 virtualisation of the village and compound Bin Laden was hiding and killed.

After the release of VBS to the serious gamers market BIS started working on Armed Assault. The latest release is most likely the best FPS combat simulator every released with maps up to 400 square kilometer in size and unlimited capabilities.

But see for yourself, here is a trailer

(In-game footage)


^^^^This. Absolutely stunning.


I’ve wanted to pick it up forever now, but I was always playing the DayZ mod for Arma 2… good times :slight_smile:


Check this out too. The ArmA Community Guide on Guerrilla Warfare.

You’ll ind more videos on the ArmA3 YouTube channel

I used to develop training scenarios for VBS2 a few years ago. Would love to pick up ArmA3 but I’d have to buy a new rig first. AI requires 1 CPU to calculate AI logic and behavior. Most likely the best AI every conceived and the game play itself is just unreal.