Ascribe Intellectual Property Management


I wanted to drop this here for those of you that create digital goods. I was listening to Epicenter bitcoin yesterday and they covered a new company, Ascribe that is working on an interesting way to manage intellectual property using the Blockchain.

It looks like the initial focus is for artists and they had a lot of thoughts about using the tech for musicians as well.

I can’t wait for all the fun the Blockchain will bring in the near future.

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Yes, its very cool stuff. My issue is that Ascribe, CoinPrism, CoinSpark, and all the many other “off-chain” blockchain tech companies are all using “proprietary/different” code so NONE of the assets can talk to each other. You currently get “locked” into a single companies way of doing assets.


Hmm maybe some kind of converter? Convert one type to another?


Interesting and not surprising. The world needs some damn standards.


As somebody intelligent once said - the nice thing about standards is, there are so many to choose from :smile:


I foresee a multi colored coin wallet popping up at some point. No reason why a wallet couldn’t be designed to pull the data for all protocols out of the blockchain. Coinspark claims that their wallet bitspark is/will be capable of seeing other asset types, but the version I have tried doesn’t see coinprism assets.


This will hopefully end up like betamax V vhs. With any luck a winner will be chosen and it will become a standard protocol, though with the # of altcoins we have floating around, there will likely be just as many sidechains/colors/tokens, etc.


Yepp, just like everyone needing their own coin so that they can for example fork BLK to introduce like ONE new feature instead of contributing to the BLK development.

Same applies to smart assets. Of course we need X different protocols. Why should we (or those developers) combine the efforts and talents to develop one unified protocol to be used if we can have three or more?