ASIC Miner Heater Co-Generation


This is my first winter heating my home with a Bitcoin miner. I have one S5 running at a peak daily temp of 59C. I could fit another on the circuit but wasn’t sure if that would be too much heat for this little place, about 800 sq ft. Turns out the net mining expense for running one S5 is $10 for the last month. I didn’t expect it would be that little, initially I figured it would be more like $30 / month.

I’ve got it in the spare room, with a little high efficiency fan blowing the heat towards a central ceiling fan. The main heater has hardly turned on at all this year. Just a couple of times for a short while each night. The other cost is the noise, but with the double fan replacement I did (details posted here somewhere) that’s negligible unless you’re in the same room as the S5. All in all it was a good decision. If the winter was colder it would take two S5’s to get the job done, but we’re running 4C - 5C above normal, so I’m glad I only got one.

If you have a basement & can have a Heating A/C company put in some capture ducts that connect to your house ventilation system, miners are definitely the way to go.


It’s been really cold here this winter and I’ve had 4 S4’s heating my 2 story house and they’ve done a great job. Granted they are super noisy but with them running in the basement and leaving the door open to it they heated the main floor nicely.


I have mine in the laundry room and use the furnace fan to push the heat through the house when needed.


…or to blow-dry your laundry :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean like this?


Yes! :smile: