ASIC Rising - Chips - Wolfblood xE


Ok so we have seen Bitcoin Brothers and the massive amount of power that their chip is assumed to bring to the network.

There is another chip maker who appears to have a chip, designed for cloud mining which has a fairly large power drop per GH

The Wolfblood xE by ASIC Rising seems to be an option for cloud mining companies.

Just putting it out there.


Both are German companies which usually speaks for good quality. However BB has been talking about their super-computers for a good 8 months now and they were meant to go online in Q1 which hasn’t happened yet. I would like to see this happening before even betting a Satoshi on it because I can’t see those companies simply leaving the established ones who have been around for a long time behind the way they claim to be doing.

Wolfblood’s website looks rather “meh” and their imprint shows that they are registered in Dresden while Bitcoin Brothers is registered in Potsdam. That’s not far apart from each other.

Personally I have my reservations about this website. Not sure about BB yet.


So far my thoughts are mixed. I have had contact with WolfsBlood. I have not reached out to BB yet.
They both have some solid ideas but I have not gotten far on how they are funded. TSMC and Global Foundry are wanting more up front to tape out chips now.
I will keep you up to date with what I find.


I have been trying to read about ASIC Rising for a while but there is not a whole lot out that I can find. Website, couple small articles, and a Linkedin page. I attempted to send an email but never got a response.