Auction Site for Sale


I’m looking to sell

The site has been build on a previous version of phpprobid but the licence can be upgraded to the new and more responsive framework.

The offer includes a number of purchased and custom build extensions such as a bitcoin payment gateway (full source) which can be adopted to support other coins as well.

The software licence used to be $400 and I’m not sure how much the upgrade to the new version might be. However, the buyer will receive the licence including the phpprobid account, domain name, all modules and plugins purchased from as well as the existing user base / database.

I’m lookng to get about 2 BTC for the entire setup but open to offers.

Feel freet to post any questions bellow.


Shameless bump!


LOL I went to the site and the first thing that smacked me in the face was a GAW banner ad. LOL


Oh yeah, I guess it hasn’t been maintained for a while. I’m actually playing with an idea atm, not sure if I’ll still sell it. Well, guess I would but if not we’ll put it to use :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same thing actually. You already have it, why not use it now. I was eyeing it myself, but I am not a coder.