Aussie Bitcoin Echange CEO killed in thailand


3 steps forward 2 steps back


Well that sucks. Wonder what happens to the company now?

Btw, almost didn’t recognise you without an actual pic avi lol


Yeah trying something new. Dont know what to use


Go with McDonalds Hamburgler


Ouch, that sucks!

Thailand is famous for traffic accidents. Driving a motorcycle during vacation is pretty much one of the most dangerous adventures a tourist can get himself into besides catching a tripper or worth.

It’s pretty much like this…



What the hell is a tripper?


This is a tripper…


oh, drippy ■■■■.

Great. I walked away from my computer for a moment only to return and find my wife re-opened the browser to that page and now I’m getting the evil eye and she won’t touch me.


Or that. :wink:

[spoiler]The fookered sex tourists deserve it anyway[/spoiler]


I was in the Navy. After being at sea for awhile, some relief is necessary, but unlike one of my shipmates, I wore my raincoat.