Best places for small investors new to crypto


So as the title says, I am hoping that with the collection of geniuses and wise ones on GH could offer their opinions or ideas here for people like me who are new to crypto and are looking for places to start investing to build up a crypto portfolio. My first venture into the crypto world was GAW when hashlets came out. We all know where that went. So what now? I did get in on B1 and got an S5 worth of GHX and I thank you guys for that offering and allowing a lot of us burnt by GAW to find a trust worth group to make a new start with. I leave it now to the professionals to deliver sage advice for small time investors to start. Thank you.


I’m a big fan of diversifying my investments.

Having said that, worked well because 3-4 companies stopped paying or shut down in the last 8-10 weeks. So having diversified didn’t help much. Crypto isn’t what it used to be any more and it’s hard to put your money into some of the options that are available because the trust is simply not there any more (specially in mining). So just keep that in mind when taking advice from people because it’s really not as easy any more as it used to be and of course (pulls out the book of old phrases) “never invest more than you can afford to lose”. (puts the book away).

Right now my investments consist of GHcoins (obviously), very little AMHash power through Havelock Investments and a bit more power on HashNest in their ANTS4 farm. That’s my mining covered after Hashie, and LTCGear basically folded and ZenCloud stopped mining. So my ZC power is long gone, sold that shortly after the coin launch.

What else is there?

I trade coins by hand and with the help of my little bot friends. The returns are not the most amazing but you have some good days with coins just shooting through the roof (like DRK did recently or LTC). Trading is a patience thing but it’s something anyone can pickup with a rather small initial investment. I would recommend for you to check it out. Set yourself a limit you’re putting at stake (let’s call that your “trading bankroll”) and see where you can take that. Let’s say you could easily spare 0.25 BTC, then put that on Bittrex (or your exchange of choice) and start off trading some coins with “parts” of it and see if you can grow it. Good coins to trade are Neos, DRK, LTC, BLK, SDC… just to name a few.

Take your time, look at their graphs for the last 1-2 months, try to find their avg low and high to spot good entry points and just get started. It will take time and there is a lot to learn but it’s fun and if you manage your trading bankroll well there is also little risk to it.Just don’t keep feeding and feeding it in case it doesn’t work out.

Apart from that you can also invest into precious metals. Some of our members are doing that and I believe there is a topic about it “some place”. Obviously that’s a long term investment and at the same time it’s putting some of your volatile BTC into a commodity that’s a little more stable. Plus you can always trade gold for goods even if you’re stuck in a war :slight_smile:


Precious metals aren’t an investment so much as a “guarantee of value”. Pretty much every single world currency could go up in smoke but gold and silver will still be worth something. I wouldn’t use them as an investment tool unless you are in this for the loooooong haul.


The days of 2 month 100% ROI are done. In fact they were never really here unless you got in early with some investments and then SOLD THEM on top of taking the earnings from hashing.

I’ve been burned by more than a couple of mining companies so diversifying, while a good idea, needs to be done carefully as well.

Anyways, this is a great discussion and I look forward to see what everybody posts.


Oh absolutely. Or, unless you can buy your 24 karat gold in Thailand or China to flock it again in the EU or the US. But that’s a different story. I’m looking into getting started with gold atm because like you said, no matter what happens you’ll be always able to trade gold for goods.


Very good idea. I’ve been into silver for a while now and haven’t monitored prices in a bit so I should do that now…


I’m actually working up an idea on creating a charitable co-op using colored coins.
A share would be for a satoshi (or whatever the smallest amount that works with colored coins would be).

I am working now on pooling together a random assortment of crypto income before announcing it.
So far I have the old Hashraffles donation account staking XPY, as well as just setup 20 gridseed orbs at home.

Even though it will just be dust paid out, its the thought that counts and I find it fun to manage things like that.
I was Kristo on Hashtalk for reference (even though most of my giveaways blew up when someone deleted the “promotions” section of the forum…)

The idea is not sexy and exciting, but still money for practically nothing and potentially helpful for small folks just starting out :wink:


This sounds pretty cool.

A share would be for a satoshi (or whatever the smallest amount that works with colored coins would be).

The smallest amount for your smart asset is whatever you want to make it. However bear in mind that each transaction costs 0.000106 BTC. That’s the BTC tx fee + 600 satoshi for the color “tag”. This applies to issuing any amount of smart assets (1 or 10,000 doesn’t matter) or any other transaction you make.

down the line we’ll be offering native support for the open assets protocol on the GHcloud but that’s still far away since it’s an entire custom development task on it’s own.

Good luck with your charity or raffles. :wink:


I certainly do not claim to be a genius or particularly wise but until Batch 2 of GHCoin is open you can buy a hosted S5 from Hashnest for $426, up from $380 yesterday with the bump up in btc/usd rate.


As you guys are giving advice heads up BITMAIN is going on vacation for Chinese New Year this week. Thanks


Y’know, you got me thinking. Wouldn’t a wiser investment into crypto now be one that involves putting money into a company which is building something for the crypto industry?

I’m not 100% sure, but wasn’t there, at some point, a VC company that allowed smaller investors to put money into the pot as well? I’m really not sure if I read that once or if I’m making it up.

Either way, it’d be a pretty good option as your investment would be going into building the backbone of the industry, albeit a risky bet, given most crypto start ups wont survive more than a year or two :slight_smile:


Since bitcoin is still in a bear market the gurus I follow feel there is a good chance we will see sub $200 prices once more to shake out weak hands before the next bull market begins. Both the EW and TA guys seem to agree on this. But since many folks are looking for one more dip the time spent under $200 could be brief.

I think buying bitcoin under $200 could turn out to be a great investment so I would keep some cash set aside in case we see prices under $200 again and stock up. Buying under $200 there is a good chance you will double, possibly triple your money in 12-16 months so would be worth the risk to me.


Overall good advises. Now mostly trading BTC, but needs a lot of patience, and do not expect great earning. I am in fiat now. Waiting BTC back to the 220’s or less to buy back. Now is in 258, not recommend buying. Also I diversify with a little with Hashnet, not too much. Finally, I put more in gold. I use, so far seems ok. The owner is well known in crypto. But, I advise to contact them.


I’d be interested in helping with that. I can donate some mining time to helping or mock up the ads to get the word out, etc. Let me know :slight_smile:


^^ :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure, but wasn’t there, at some point, a VC company that allowed smaller investors to put money into the pot as well? I’m really not sure if I read that once or if I’m making it up.

Yes there is a few. The most popular would be Boost VC which is also supported by Tim Draper and co. Her’s also a good CoinDesk article on that topic.

I doubt it but since we still don’t know what The Bitcoin Elite decided for Bitcoin at their secret meeting ala Bildenberg I guess anything is possible. They sure didn’t decide to come back from their little vacation to boost BTC since it has barely moved.


Brilliant, thanks for that, I was pretty sure I’d heard about it, but it didn’t take my interest at the time, so I never followed it up for further attention.

Given how risky startups are in the first place, it has to be a very high risk option for investment, but I reckon I might take a little closer look in the next few days when I get a chance.

If I get a chance. I still haven’t looked at Halo, or that hyper, the game coin. Damn real life for getting in the way :slight_smile:


I think Boost VC is a very good site. Here is another CoinDesk article from Feb 5th. Check it out.


The word is out!
3 folks have joined up so far and there are still 85 tokens left to distribute :smile:


I’m starting a collection hehehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want a collection too. I have GHX but I am not sure what the others are or how they work so have not yet gotten them. Maybe Lothendriel can explain them to me in laymen :slight_smile: