so i got screwed by BetaRigs today. i am quite an avid user there, rented GHfarm rigs, among other GetHashing users rigs. Well yesterday there was a known proxy error on a GHFarm betarig, i talked to the team here, they reconized no prob and told me put in ticket for partial refund. well this morning my ticket was closed with no response. i had to badgger BetaRigs on twitter for them to tell me they sent a refund, but i never recieved it and they REFUSE to send me a TXID as proof? funny cause last week i lose.11 to a x11 rental i never got set up right and he told me no refund as i couldnt give him the TXID (i sent the BTC form where no TXIDs are provided.) so now im down .15 BTC, and sadly will not be using betarigs anymore :frowning: this is juts a warning/rant for those using betarigs, its my opinion FinalHash is DESTROYING that site, so user beware :slight_smile:
EDIT: i had no prob losing the .11 as no TXID in crypto thats my own fault, but when they told ME that they didnt need to send a TXID, (only their users do apparently) i got mad haha. how hypocritical


BetaRigs used to be the best service out there, but I had problems with them too and I think they are feeling the pressure and reacting badly to it, by screwing the customers instead of trying to keep them. Natural process of survival of the fittest…


@FinalHash, listen to your customers. :wink:


You need look no further than the Paycoin scam still ongoing and FinalHash’s involvement in same to understand how they would be so incompetent and non-transparent. I stopped using Betarigs once I found out that it’d been bought by someone so closely involved with the GAW/Paycoin debacle. My suggestion? Use MRR (miningrigrentals) or just forget about renting altogether.

My 2mBTC.


Can’t consider it much more of a scam if everyone lost out, and Garza has no access to his controllers, and no coins.

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

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[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

i was un-aware of their CLOSE involvement with Guano, hearing that, and it now being the second time i have heard MMR mentioned i think i definitally will be checking them out :slight_smile: thx guys


FYI on another response on Betarigs.
I will also need to check, but I have not heard back on the refund for the second day of issues yet…

Seems a bit heavy on the rig owners for issues with the BR site itself


I had similar experiences with BR. Rented the GH rigs there and BR went all stupid for 8 to 10 hours. I did open a support ticket with BR. After a day or three they did refund some of the 10 hour gap. They never did reply to the ticket. They just closed it and some BTC of roughly the right amount showed up in my address.

I’m less than impressed with BR since the @FinalHash sale, and even now less impressed with Marshall’s dealings with The Dunce of Dubai.

GH team, please consider this a polite request from both a GHX holder and a rig renter that GH find another alternative to BR.


you will be happy to know they have told me they are already in the works to do just that, find another provider :slight_smile: i am hearing them testing out MMR :smiley:


I have nothing but good to say about MRR, both as a rig owner and a renter.


i have no experience with them personally, but in that case you will be happier to hear they are also seeing about working out something within GHCloud to do the hosting/renting themselves :slight_smile: which is prob best option just take more work to set up i assume


We’re already working on it. Our rigs on BR went into “maintenance” over the last 24h with active leases expiring and are currently hashing on NiceHash with their backups being f2 and Ant.

We’ll be pulling one rig from NiceHash in a little while to test connectivity and latency with the different MRR stratum servers to figure out which one the best one is for us. If the testing goes well we’ll start bringing the rigs online one by one.