Beyond Use


So I had an old laptop HDD to dispose of, 120GB that’s no longer required but has held sensitive data in its lifetime…

So… I thought I’d put it beyond use. What I did learn that was that laptop disks are no longer made of metal but a plastic material that shatters, just like a CD RW in fact… the similarities are remarkable.


Well breaking the controller board was a bit much. You could always keep that to recover from another damaged one.


where is the gold???


In my experience they rarely match another disk drive, I’ve tried on a number of 3.5 disks with negative results :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah they only work if you have the exact same type. But still if you have a bunch of them it could be useful.



Fortunately my days of deskside support and building to order are long gone. Although with our new project I’ll be supporting the DVM’s (Digital Vending Machine aka BTM) for bitXatm in the UK as we will be the largest owner/operator and will be reselling them.

Can’t help but be an engineer LOL have even started discussions on redesign of their current hardware.


Problem solved.




any questions?


All over a bit quick?
Its quite enjoyable dismantling a drive, seeing how it works, whats changed and how the has moved on.

That said
Fk yeah!


You can fix that… I think… :laughing:


Wait, isn’t that what a hard drive is supposed to look like? Mine sure looks similar.