Anyone knows about this site?


AntMiner S4 Rig (10 units total 20000GH/s)

I was under the impression S4 was only 1.1GH not 2GH

Each share corresponds to about 10 GH/s Price per share $9

That is really expensive. Can’t find anything about mining fees.


S4 are 2 TH/s, but the rest of the site is not all that convincing. Need to do some investigating.


Domain has a - in the name… enough said.

  • The dash in the domain

  • This icon…

…links to

Profits will be determined after subtracting 15% operating fee for the following expenses from income: mining equipment space rental, utilities, bills for electricity and internet access and any other necessary direct miscellaneous mining equipment operational expenses. The remaining amount will be considered shareholder earnings (‘Dividends’).

  • 14 day payout schedule

Dividends will be paid out every 1st and 15th of the month within a 72 hour grace period. Dividend funds will be distributed equally amongst all shares. After the distribution of dividends in your account - you can order the payout at any time.

…and then there is the price for the SHA power set at $9.00 per 10 GH/s. Estimated days to break even…



What would do u think is it all well with this site?


Personally I wont be putting a penny there and that’s just based on the price per 10 GH while ignoring all the :triangular_flag_on_post:s


financially, it makes no sense. and that’s already enough reason not to use them. All the other warning signs are also best avoided when looking for a site to trust with your money…