Bitcoin affiliate network


I saw these guys mentioned in another thread (We’re hashing ?).
So I thought I’d give them a bash.

I started them off yesterday with 1.5TH at about 8.30am. After an hour of exploring the site, I still wasn’t sure about payouts and fees, so I changed my payout interval to 24h hours. Fast forward to today, no payouts. My new S5 and PSU arrived today so they went on as well since about noon.
So I changed the payout interval back to 2 hours, and left it.
Still nothing. I eventually found the payout stats which are accessed via the web irc page and the command !backlog (in the cellar, with a sign saying beware of the leopard !)
Seems like no payouts have been forthcoming for well over 11 hours now.

Is this normal ?

I’m back on nicehash now, at least they’re steady.


lol, those guys barely get any blocks nowadays.


Heh, they actually got one today. Still haven’t paid out though :frowning:


Somedays, i get paid every 2 hrs…and they find 2 blocks. Other times I have to wait longer than a day for a payout…but it does show up.

I love WestHash/NiceHash…but my Ants (4 S3s and 2 S5s) hash higher on BitAFFNet than on West Hash. I am constantly calculating the BitAFFNet daily payout. Most days it’s close to WestHash. So (at this point in time), when West/NiceHash drops below .0115, I switch to BitAFFNet.

Yup BitAFFNet payouts are a bit frustrating…but they have always come thru for me.


Well, 10 blocks in 7 days with 2 PH isn’t really that bad, more average.

I never used their site or mined on their pool so no clue how frequent their payouts are (or not) but the pools performance seems avg going by their hashrate. It’s a good example to show why we’re not mining BTC yet on the GHpool :slight_smile:


35 hours now since they paid out. They’ve found 5 blocks in the last 24 hours too.
payout listing -


Ya-I got paid twice this AM. I calculated that they’re paying 0.01144 BTC/THS/day at the moment. That’s as high as one of the rental sites and a fair bit higher than any other pool.


Yes, I checked and my payout arrived during the night. Not regular enough to rely on though for me. I like to see it every time it’s promised. Back to nicehash, the longest they’ve delayed is 1 day so far.


Ya- you just gotta luv Nice/Westhash :slight_smile: