Bitcoin ATM in bukarest


How cool is that :smiley::+1:


congrats. I have a robocoin here in madrid as well. It works well but what I dont like is that you have to be a registered user.


Yes it is true but i was abel to cashout after 1 day, and registration was done after 4 days or so, but if you lose you’re phone that could be an problem…


I got it done in one day but had to cash out the btc through the website app. The fees are reasonable so you can even cash out into fiat if you want to.


My first expeience with an atm, very easy to use so +1 from my side :smiley:


yep it makes you feel like the future is coming. someday


Reini visiting Chris?


I won’t do any public statemants about this topic, because some forces, killed my reputation and integrity with wrong accusations, i was called scammer without proof, i have never asked somebody for his/her password. So i call this peopel to show proof or to stfu.

That is my last statement about this disscusion.


The words would be “they tried” @Reini. I’d back your rep and would vouch for you at any time. Don’t worry to much about FUDsters talking crap.

Love the notes btw. Funny money…almost like the Schilling back in the days… lol :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean the “pfennig” right? I still have a couple of handfuls of those lying around here somewhere. What a completely worthless coin back then, as is the penny today in the U.S.

Edit: In for a Pfennig, in for a Pfund.


I really love this community, it is the really honest one on the interwebs, honest from a to z :smiley::+1:


we got Lamassus btc ATM’s around here

its pretty sweet


Thank you! We :heartpulse: U2