Bitcoin ATM's Best/Worst - Your experiences


As the topic title suggests… what have been you best and worst experiences with Bitcoin ATM’s or BTM’s if you prefer.

There’s a growing range of choice with obvious market leaders such as Lamassu. I personally am a big fan of the bitXatm with it’s Point of Sale screen attached. Makes for some interesting deployment opoprtunities.

I did use one of the first Robocoin machines in the UK and found it to be a rather dire experience and watching it through the course and a number of hours, it struggled.

I’ve used Lamassu kit on more than a few occasions and they’ve always been rock solid performance.

And the really cool leftfield one has been using a Coinkite terminal tethered to my mobile phone and being able to sell BTC and issue invoices “in the field”; at conferences, cafes and exhibitions. Very powerful device, albeit a bit expensive.

So, what’s done it for you?


Never understood the use of ATM’s Never ever needed them in any way. And as of now with the card I can shop with paypal (Yes i linked the card to my paypal account) I can shop at retail stores with PIN and CHIP terminals. Why would you ever need to get cash?


They’re great for new users to onboard with some BTC.

And BTM’s are mostly about new users and early adopters I believe as they are readily accessible points of purchase for those not so acquainted with the online offerings, or they are suspicious of them.

Those with a POS addition can sell virtual and ticket based goods, ideal for tourist areas where BTC use likely to be better/can be improved through marketing etc. This is where lower fees really works tbh, international users.


Pitt st sydney robocoin use it a few times to pay for lunch.
Under 5 min withdrawal, alright spread.
Hand scan used to activate


We have here in vienna just 1 bitcoin ATM, and it is not working and that sucks…next btc ATM is in the next city 170 km away…so until now i had not the pleasure to play with ATM’s :rage: