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Josh is attending, but not speaking

XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS
XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS
XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS
XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS

I am not expecting him to do a QnA either


I think it’s very wise of him to refrain from speaking. Too many awkward questions could pop up.


Yes, it’s pretty hard to skirt around questions like “Where did the $100 million dollar coin defense fund money go” when asked point blank in an open forum… As opposed to, say, recording a Youtube Q&A video and answering questions on the difficulty level of “what’s your Favorite Sports team?”.

XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS

I think it really does not matter anymore. The only thing that can turn around all the failures and delays and promises is action. He did that yesterday albeit it was the wrong action adding an exchange does not bring any value to the coin it just adds more questions. Look at the exchange and look at the history it screams bots but the public API has no way to place buy or sell orders.


It’s not a shocker by any means… But, Josh really has to clear all the scam accusations up… If he’s not willing to do a QnA and confront people, I think that pretty much gives us the answer.

At the very least it shows he’s not confident enough in his own business/product.


@AnimoEsto any link you can share with more information about the conference. My google fu seems to have deserted me.


Hi mate,

Thats all I got at the moment, sorry



I find that very strange as it was the organizers that said he could have half an hour for a Q n A


Well, that may be a good thing then. It would be nice to clear the air and put XPY back on a sustainable path. My bank account would be pleased:since I’m still into the XPY thing 6 figures worth of USD $$…

XPY - Paycoin Discussion - GAW DAYS

Still on for the mining panel according to


Is anyone actually going to attend?


Anyone else find it interesting that it was the community organizers that said there will be a Q&A with Josh, and now he’s saying he asked for it?

I mean… It’s little stuff like this that’s just deceptive as hell… Makes me question his integrity and ethics…

That alone is nothing, but when combined with everything else it’s just a pattern of deception and “less than truthful” statements and comments.


More info


I felt a disturbance in the force here in SoFla - as if a few souls cried out and were silenced forever… Oh, Josh landed.


@cmilian is - I have decided not to. I imagine my presence there would cause some drama - or maybe I’m just overstating my importance. God knows, the last thing Josh would want to see at the podium to ask a question would be my mug.


@rootdude A little off Topic but when is the collar coming off?


LOL yea… Poor doggy has had the collar on forever.


Its miami bit!h


I will be going tomorrow