Bitcointalk down


Looks like a massive problem, they have been down for at least 8-10 hours now.

I can’t remember them being down for such a long time before.

Lots of speculation possible, who/what is responsible? Is reddit next? Will the DDOS ever stop?

Drama, drama…

and I am missing out on all the latest GAWssip! What to do with all that free time???


They send a tweet that the RAID1+0 array of their DB server failed. That must have been a massive failure because I myself have rebuild a lot of RAID1 arrays where one part failed and really had only down time for the changing of the failed HDD.


Why do you think all the anti-xpy peeps are showing up here? They probably went to HT for one post, ban, then over here they float

; )


Should of charged a entrance fee


Oh wow, I never had a RAID system fail on me. Isn’t that the whole point of using RAID in the first place?

just said so in another thread. This is GH. We don’t want all this XPY stuff here. If people can’t let go of their grunge with GAW and that’s the only thing they want to do then they may do so on BCtalk or HashTalk. This is GH, we’re not interested in the drama, we came here to let it go and start something new.

There is one XPY discussion on this forum and that’s the way we’d like to keep it.


Edit: oh crap, it mentions XPY. I blame @quigley for off topic.


lol, looking at ebay for some beer-brewing gear at this moment, you gave me an idea!


I was just looking at sensiseeds :slight_smile:


It only works if you know what red lights and terms like “predictive failure” mean.


At least they have backups (allegedly), unlike most RAID owners/users :grinning:


The only times a RAID can fail are controller failure or in case of RAID1 both disks failing and the latter is a chance in a million. If the controller fails in a server and a replacement controller is not available then you are in trouble. Now I know from experience that most of those rack based servers have build in controllers and usually the whole machine needs to be replaced Now if that is the case you still could completely recover from this.


So long as the obvious subject of contention stays in it’s box, I see no reason we can’t welcome the refugees. Maybe we can spark some more good conversation. :smile:


well said :+1:


in that case, I recommend bitcoinseedstore, free seeds with most orders and I got twice as many free ones as I should have, because “they felt like christmas, ho ho ho” :wink:


Hint: A food-grade (usually white) bucket works just fine as a carboy, they come in various sizes, and can be had on the cheap.


Hey thanks for the tip but I’m very picky when it comes to my seeds. Due to the climate here in the south of Spain (30 KM to Morocco across the strait of Gibraltar). It’s perfect for outdoor with the right strains. The G13 being one of them…oops off topic.

So yeah,. BCtalk is down, bummer. :laughing:


If you’re going to brew, know where to get your hops.

And I started with a Mr. Beer kit many a moon ago. Now run with the bigger muts with a homemade 15 gal conical.