BitHalo / BlackHalo 2 is out!


The BitHalo / BlackHalo multi-sig smart contracting wallet is out. I can’t believe that I missed it but after having posted about the BitBay Halo update I could have figured that Halo2 was out for Blackcoin and Bitcoin as well. The cool part is, Halo2 comes with BTC and BLK support (multi-coin wallet).

The wallet uses multi-sig for all addresses and you can now also embed your keys into 2 different images, store those separately and restore your wallet(s) at any time by loading the image files. Love that!

You can switch between BTC and BLK with one single click and create offers on the decentralized marketplace, trustless coin exchange through double deposit escrow and the client also allows for secure multi-sig joint account.

There is much more to it and I’m still syncing both chains but here some screenshots.

Please note:

Also, we tested the contracts in Linux and that build is now working. I did a fix to highlevelcrypto so now it works in Linux and Mac. So that is what we are working on and expect that to be available soon. Again Mac and Linux users, excuse the delay, being the only coder I had to make sure we solved some of the user friendliness first.

The home screen (the same for BTC or BLK)

Send Screen including “two step send”

Two step send is used for joined accounts. Typically you would put in your private key and link it up with the other persons public key. He will then receive a request to authorize the transaction and confirm by linking his private key with your public key on his end.

Receive a payment

This tab also contains the options for Bitmessage or email which is required for smart contracts or two step payments. I don’t use Bitmessage since the protocol itself used to be quiet bugged and I’m not sure if it has been fixed. Instead I’ve setup a gmail address that I only use for Halo. The reason being that you need to authenticate with google by entering your password.

Thus if you want to be on the safe side, just create a new gmail account and add the profile to your chrome so you can switch between your accounts.

Integrated Irc chat

Smart Contracts tab

This is where the magic happens. Unbreakable smart contracts and trustless double-deposit escrows with time stamp and so on. I’m looking forward to chat about this :slight_smile:

Decentralized Marketplace (not live yet)

NightTrader decentralized marketplace. Trade pretty much anything with anyone without every needing an escrow again. :wink:

I can only recommend to at least download Halo to check it out. It’s currently not my main wallet but it might be very soon. At the latest when Blackcoin support for colored coins.

Staking Coins

This is definitely interesting for sure.
I had not checked their progress recently. I will now.
Nice write up.


I had Halo since it’s first beta with the old interface which was really more of a client for nerds. I’m pretty impressed seeing the new UI, the installation / setup wizard, video tutorials and the embedded irc.

One of the features I like most is the embedding of your keys into images. It opens up so many ways of securely storing them it’s sick. I guess you could even post one on facebook and one a few days later on google+ and nobody would ever know :slight_smile:

I also like the joint accounts. I did a fund raiser last year in the Blackcoin community for a sick boy from my home town using a Halo joint account. A member of their Foundation had the 2nd key pair so all donations were secure until the were transferred to get exchanged and send. It added an extra layer of trust and transparency to the fund raiser and eliminated the need to rely on a 3rd person for the escrow. It was great.

Let me know what you think. We can setup some smart contracts to play around with BLK (it’s cheaper).


That is key that is for sure. No more third party.
It will be very cool to try escrow and such through this. Let me get caught up from the conference and I will get together with you to do just that. I want to see how it works.
The image embedding is cool you are right the ways to store and use them are off the wall.


This looks seriously impressive. Tonight, or tomorrow, or Sunday (basically when ever I next get a few good hours to myself) I’m going to download this and play around. Will also be interested in joining in messing with the smart contracts/escrow features etc, just so that I’m comfortable using it all :slight_smile:


Make sure you get syncing. I’m still on it :slight_smile:


Smart contracts are a really cool idea, but calling them “trustless” is a little hasty. Since the system is basically “mutually assured destruction”, you still have to trust that the counter party is rational enough to act in their own best interest. This may not necessarily be true, for a variety of reasons.


Don’t interject reason here. LOL
Good point though. It is nice to not have to count on a bank though or some company for a contract.
This type of thing as it matures will change the way we do business again in a good way.
I spent part of my time explaining smart contracts and blockchain escrow to people at the Miami conference.
So cool I love the blockchain.


This seems like a great wallet. Problem is that i have spent hours (as a test) trying to send a bit of coin back to my bitcore wallet. The thing is that it does nothing after i enter the password for my first private key. Since i must be doing something wrong, I’ve been trying find a step by step tutorial etc in order to send coins. Nothing exists.

Fortunately i only have about $3.50 of btc in it. Guess I will just have to consider them lost and try another security based wallet…maybe electrum which has a cold storage option. I really didn’t like Armoury when i tested it. Maybe i should give up and buy a hardware based wallet ( Trezor or Ledger) or just use a paper wallet for secure storage?


Has it fully synced yet for you? Bear in mind that Halo is syncing the entire BLK and the BTC chain.


Hmm, ok i will leave it open for awhile and then try to send. THX :slight_smile:

EDIT; It worked. Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: