Bitmain MinerLink


Hi, does anyone know if Bitmain`s minerslink works ?


I don’t think Minerslink has been fully launched yet but the site is coming along nicely. Perhaps @HashNest has more info for us?

Logged on to my Bitmain account and the UI looks neat. On the download page you can download a tool to “find out the IP of your miner” but apart from that I’m kinda lost.

Looked at a couple of threads at✓&q=minerlink but it doesn’t look like the service has officially launched or I didn’t find it. General notion seems to be “please wait patiently while we’re getting MinerLink ready”.


Minor typo too:

"Income Statistics:

statistics and analysis your mining income."

Still, I’ve not seen this before & if it means what I think it means then I’m happy :slight_smile:


I think it does but that’s just me thinking.