Bitmain's New ASIC to be 'Most Power-Efficient’ on Public Market


[quote]Mining hardware maker Bitmain has claimed its new bitcoin ASIC will be the most power-efficient chip available to the public.

The forthcoming BM1385, the Beijing company’s fourth generation ASIC, will be capable of 32.5 GH/s. A custom design, it has a 45% greater hashrate and uses 50% less electricity than Bitmain’s previous 28nm chip, the BM1384.

The company said in a statement:

“Compared with other chips utilised in the current generation of bitcoin mining machines, the BM1385 is, by a wide margin, the most advanced chip available.”

Alongside business clients, the chip will be available for consumers to purchase “in the near future”. Bitmain said it will also feature in the next Antminer model, the S7, currently in development.

It’s one of the few consumer devices still shipping in an industry wrought with legal issues and outgunned by industrial-scale processors with VC backing.

KnC Miner, a firm that previously offered consumer hardware, is now part of a wider drive to develop large and efficient data farms for private use. It recently announced an “environmentally friendly” chip capable of 0.07 w/GH. By contrast, the BM1385 is 0.216 w/GH.[/quote]

This is pretty much what we’ve been waiting for. Batch 3, S7 here we come…

Source: CoinDesk

Antminer S7 4.86TH/1210W 7.97BTC

Did KnC pay for that article? :smile:

Seriously, what’s the point to bring up some vaporware in an article about a competitor’s product.


You mean the mention? Good catch. Either that or the author had to meet his word count. The whole thing is a bit short :slight_smile:

Edit: SEO guy might have complained too :slight_smile:


At the very least super lazy reporting. Probably just googled up “Bitcoin ASIC” and put some links to BFL, BitFury, and KnC because that’s what came up. Could have mentioned HashFast too, “Fastest Bitcoin MiningASIC” :smile:

If they insist on rumors and PR could have at least mentioned 21e6, everyone’s favorite vaporware maker.

What happened to real journalism (rhetorical question, I’m pretty sure I know the answer).


Or GetHashing for that matter just for the sake of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the SEO guy put those links in and the author probably didn’t have more info yet. Not from Bitmain anyway.


Pffft bitcoin brothers hybrid flux capacitor super miners with Uranus nodes will make these all obsolete before they are ever released.


Yeah true but even in the unlikely event that Bitcoin Bros doesn’t quadruple the network hashrate… imagine the increase this claim alone would cause…

45% greater hashrate and uses 50% less electricity


need that increase just to replace all the S2, Umisso and now S3 that is unprofitable and about to be taken offline


It’s not gonna happen overnight. At the current ~400 PH/s network hasrate even if they manage to manufacture 20 PH/s per month that’s about a 5% increase, minus whatever old gear is getting replaced.

The other part of the equation is the cost of this new hardware. 20 PH/s at $300 per TH/s would be ~$6 million. The whole network makes about $20 million per month at the current exchange rate, before costs which are relatively high right now, so even if every miner reinvested every coin they probably couldn’t buy that 20 PH/s per month. And the halving is looming.


Still waiting on the price drop for S5 miners on hashnest.

Bitmain has dropped or hiked the price of the S5 in the “shop” in the last 2 - 3 months to stay at the 1.5 BTC price point but has not budged it in the last week of BTC’s drop in value.

Currently Price: 379.0 USD = 1.77063502฿ with no movement in their stock. I am anticipating a drop soon though. They would want to sell as many S5’s as possible early with news starting to surface of the S7 etc.

Question is, buy more hash now or wait for market to crash when next gen launches…hmmmmm.


Based on previous HW launches, I’d say I’ll wait.



I guess they will hold back a bit to give the S5+ a chance to get some buyers. Releasing the S7 “soon” wouldn’t make sense after just having released the S5+.

Been waiting long enough :slight_smile:


Looky looky

How does 500 TH sound? Any takers? :wink:


Here it is, the Antminer S7

Great specs, high price.

I have some S3 and S5 for sales pm me ship from Canada :wink:

Edit: Official Ann


Indeed, ouch at the price :smiley:


Out of my little budget :frowning: but I like the size and power


I can’t believe they actually came through with releasing in Q3 :astonished:

I’ll also wait a bit on price.
I’ve basically stopped buying until the halving unless I find a sweet deal.


I expect them to be crazy loud.
1200W to dissipate is 3x time the cooling need of a S3.

Need a 500W version for home mining.
S7 mini :smile:




Oups, feel free to merge topics :wink: