BitStake (XBS) 5% POS


I bought a few of these. Potential seems good. Can use the wallet to transfer coins, and trade even if no wifi is available. Can also stake BlackCoin in the wallet. Dev wants to add more POS coins in the future.

For more info:


Hello. I am Rabi Nankar, adminstrator of Bitstake trading platform. A recent error has revealed to me a surplus of 10,124.6 Bitcoins which I would needing your help to transfer to new wallet address. For services rendered you will be granted the sum of 2,000 BTC. Please providing your BTC address and send amount of 8,124.6 BTC to address found later in email. This amount being the difference between what I will send and the amount you get to keep for your excellent service rendered.


LOL- let’s hope it doesn’t go that way.


Rabi doesn’t sound like a Nigerian name to me, must be legit…