BLK - Mandatory Blackcoin Wallet Update


Make sure to update your Blackcoin wallet before the 5th of October.

[quote]This update will reindex blockchain!


Relaxed IsStandard rules for pay-to-script-hash transactions

New RPC calls for custom staking schemes

Countermeasures against eclipse attacks
BC -> BLK, as it became more widely used.

Incompatible protocol changes:

  • Transaction fee is not enforced as a consensus rule
  • Accept blocks with unknown version
  • Replaced stake min age with min confirmations
  • Limited drop of difficulty per block
  • Made special marker nonspendable (the empty tx out)
  • Added nonspendable encoding for block signing key
  • Compatibility with BIP66
  • OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (BIP65) <-- smart contracts
  • Non-coinage proof-of-stake reward
  • New stake modifier
  • Removed centralized checkpointing
  • Enforced canonical block signature[/quote]