Blockchain Industries Discussion (former Bitcoin Brothers)


Can you post the email you received. It would be good to publicly document the chain of events. The whole thing is very fishy.


Hello Carlos,

in the past months you registered your interest in our Blockchain
service for the purpose of Bitcoin Mining on our website:
At this point, we would like to confirm if you still have this
interest, and start a dialogue with you, beginning with verification of
who you are, and your means to pay for this capacity at the time of launch.*

We are performing this step as a beginning of the “Know Your Customer”
(KYC) proceedings, to satisfy the Anti-Money-Laundering (AML)
regulations necessary in most countries.

A helpful and detailed overview of these KYC & AML rules per country is

With the registration of your choice of 2x 1 PetaHash, you must
realize even with the most aggressive pricing we may offer at this
level, you are looking at a substantial expense per year.

As a first step, we ask:

  1. you provide in your reply to this email a high-resolution, crisp
    copy of your Government-issed Identification card (both sides), showing
    also your address of residence
    (ideally matching the one you registered

  2. some initial statement as to your means to pay for a yearly rental
    of 2 PetaHash

If we do not receive a reply from you within the next 14 days (by August
24th), or your supplied ID copy is of low resolution or in any way
questionable, or you cannot supply an edequate confirmation of your
creditworthiness for the planned expense, we assume you no longer have
an interest in the capacity reservation at launch, and will be removed
from the reservation pool to share the launch capacity.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

For the Sales Team,
and the best wishes from Berlin,

Maik Welle
CEO Bitcoin Brothers GmbH & Co KG
in Berlin, Germany
/Disruptive Engineering “Made in Germany”/


haha, that’s brilliant…

“Give us a perfect copy of your government issued ID, an a breakdown of your financial capacity to pay an undisclosed amount that we won’t disclose until we’ve got you locked in and have all your personal details…”

Ah hell, since the collapse of ganzas criminal enterprise it’s been kind of quiet and business as usual in crypto, so far as I can see. These guys should provide a few laughs as this whole scheme unravels.


Yes well as it looks like they are preparing themselves for committing fraud, most likely at least identity theft, this might be a great time for any German residents reading about them to report them to the authorities.


How much did you enquire about, 2 PH? I received the same mail, replied, haven’t heard back from them. KYC or any other kind of identification, submission or commitment isn’t an option before “someone” has actually seen these amazing super computers.


I am sure that you will all supply this information to BB. You should know by now that these guy’s are legit, they have been around for a year, surely no one spends the type of money they have to hype this product just to scam you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I was interested I would send my details, damn I would even give them a copy of my bank statement and account numbers so they could check I had the money.


You could also say same applies the other way around àla show me yours and I show you mine


Well i filled up a form back in november ; in the form there was a part where i was supposed to leave the ammount of hash i needed to rent so i wrote a random value :smile:


Ahh okay I see. Yes I remember the contact form which I filled out as well and I also remember their statement(s) about NOBODY having to pre-oder / pre-commit or pre-pay anything but instead rent the power once they conquered the BTC network by bringing 4x the current network hashrate online at “unbeatable pricing”… in Q1 2015.


ah, that memory thing again, which always foils all the magnificent cock-plans of the wanna be Ganza crowd…


Well as i remember correct, josh hoero garza promoted them…so it can be possibel since they do an “pre order”… I suspect here an pre sale scam


He didn’t “promote” them.

He posted a link to their site when BitcoinBrothers run their first marketing campaign making the crypto press asking “thoughts?”.

Majority of replies was stupid stuff like “Josh, are you going to buy them too?” or “Buy them!”


So before garza “linked” them, did any body know them before?


Yes, they had quite a few PR pieces posted on “news” sites. For example:


Yeah everyone who saw the articles on the different bitcoin news sites or anyone who happened to walk past that massive advert on times square, anyone who attended one of their booths at one of the bitcoin summits and so on. They are in the press since early 2014 and Josh didn’t even know about them until late 2014 when he made that post. Not like he was the most up to date in the crypto-space outside of GAW and even inside GAW he didn’t really know what was going on.

CoinTelegraph, 8 April 2014


Such business savvy. I’m sure Hershey’s and Toys"R"Us shopping crowd really boosted their sales. Well, it might have if they had anything to sell.


Always helps to advertise like a year in advance or so… much cheap, much sufficient :slight_smile:


It looks like the business plan is to fleece venture capitalists here, not necessarily end users. Otherwise I can’t imagine what possible motivation could there be for them to have this drag on for more than a year, concoct all the technical mumbo-jumbo, and not take preorders.


You know what? Let’s assume for one moment that they will actually present some sort of super computers that might not necessarily quadruple the network hashrate but let’s say double it.

We would all look a bit stupid and let’s further assume their power would be indeed dead cheap… it would be sold out too lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Will it mine colored coins though?