Blocktrail introduces new wallet and mobile apps


This is pretty awesome. Blocktrail has launched their new online wallet including new mobile apps. The best part, users are now in control of their private keys just like on GHcloud.

Time For A New Bitcoin Wallet

Blocktrail wallet is now available on your favorite mobile device! As a Blocktrail user, we’re giving you a some free Bitcoin to try it out.


  • Multi-platform bitcoin: available on Web, iOS and Android
  • HD wallet & multi-signature security
  • Send Bitcion to contacts without using addresses or QR codes
  • You maintain full control and ownership over your private keys
  • Floating fees built-in to handle network stress with a breeze

Send Bitcoin Without Bitcoin Addresses or QR Codes

Blocktrail wallet lets you easily send Bitcoin directly to your contacts without copy-and-pasting long addresses or scanning QR codes. Simply select a contact from your phone’s address book, enter an amount, and click send!

In the background Blocktrail finds the wallet associated with your contact’s phone number and generates a new bitcoin address for it. Because of HD wallet technology, we are able to create a new address for each transaction - keeping your on-chain privacy at a maximum.

Note: Developer and API wallets have moved to a new home

The developer platform wallets have moved to a new home, which you will now find after logging in to the “Developers” section of our site. Alternatively you can always access the developer platform via:

Get started with some free Bitcoin!

To claim free bitcoin, download the app and use promo-code “moon”. Keep in mind, this promo is only available for the first 1,000 users who claim it ![/quote]

Check it out at


Amazed I actually got in as one of the first 1000…lol


“This app is incompatible with your device.”

Oh well, I need a new phone anyway :slight_smile:


Haha, I tried it on the pc first created acc - fail
Then on my mobile with no sim, downloaded app…no phone number, so… - fail
Then finally, on my main phone - Win :smiley:

Bit of a palava for 0.005 bitcoin, but after the ■■■■■ of a day I’ve had any win, no matter how small, is a cause to celebrate :slight_smile:


Well, that’s 50 free transactions for you :slight_smile:


That’s quite a good way to look at it…

All I have to do now is send it to one of my active wallets and delete the new one.

That said, I do like the whole “send to your contacts” feature, which is something I’ve thought should exist for a long time, so mabe I’ll keep it there as another option :slight_smile:


I will stick with Mycelium + Trezor.


Well, you were able to send paycoin to your contacts through Paybase… :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my B 0.0025!
App looks sweet, very nice. Let’s see if I end up using it, and for what kind of transactions.


Mycelium is my preferred mobile wallet as well but it never hurts to have a good alternative and I like the things Blocktrail has been doing in general. Their block explorer is (imho) is also better than’s.


I’ve identified a minor issue with their nice shiny new wallet.

I went to transfer the 0.005 I received to my asset payout addy - when I clicked send I scanned the QR code, then ran into the hitch…

I tried to enter the amount, but I cant. There’s no decimal place button on the keypad.

I can send 1 bitcoin, or £1. I can’t send 0.1, or 0.01, or, as I was going to do, 0.005. There’s simply no way to do it from their mobile wallet.



LOL that’s funny. Did you contact them?

I guess it’s a wallet for whales only. Min tx limit…1 BTC :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, twitter first then to PM, I’ve just remembered the next job is to send them a screenie.

Made me chuckle too, I suppose it’s bound to happen when you’re designing for a gazillion and one different platforms and screens though :slight_smile:

edit this is more convoluted than it sounds, I’ve got to take a photo from the s4 because no matter what I try I can’t get screen grabs to work on the Ace 4


Hi, its sarah from blocktrail. Can you tell me what device you are using?


Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time out to come over here :smile:

I’ve just PMed you via twitter, in’s a Galaxy Ace 4 - I’ll add the pic here in a mo too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the giveaway yesterday too :slight_smile:


you are welcome! I will get back to you with some more info shortly!


Hi Sarah, welcome to our little community. Like @BoB said, thanks for taking the time to sign up to get to the bottom of this. I’ll tag your account as official rep. :wink:


Thank you for the tag!

Ok here is what will help: This seems an issue with Samsung;

See the link how to fix it on your end.
We’ll do an update asap (today or tomorrow morning) targeting Samsung devices and using normal text input.



You don’t have any plans to make the wallet “color aware” by adding support for open assets by any chance? :slight_smile:


Lovely stuff cheers :slight_smile:

The first option on that list wont work for me but I’ve just downloaded googl keyboard.

I have to say, I like what you’ve done with the wallet software, the fact you can send to your mobile contacts without even having to think about QR codes or long addys is one of the things I’ve thought for a while needs to change if we’re going to see more people adopt it, so kudos :slight_smile:

Is there any plan to include social media contacts in the future, as I’ve got people on twitter and fb that I don’t have contact numbers for on my mobile

edit urgh. always something lol, I started the keyboard download and for whatever reason it’s simply refusing to do it. I struggle to believe that google keyboard is too advanced for this phone.


We do not have plans for color coins currently.

The social media invites are an interesting idea and we are thinking about something like this for the future.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Please let me know when/if you get the keyboard to work