BNC Bitcoin Market Report September 16th, 2015


Great Bitcoin market report from Bravenewcoin. Great fundamental and technical analysis

I liked this part in particular (of course)

[quote]A change in sentiment from these events is very critical. While Consensus was
geared to the beginners, Scaling Bitcoin was certainly for the advanced user,
where non-technical attendees would have been lost in many of the
presentations, even if they have been using bitcoin for years. One of the biggest
positive takeaways from the Scaling event was that the leading Blockchain
developers gathered in person at a single place, and seemed to have very
productive discussions. On at least two occasions there was a gathering of
several core developers, where they were engaged by other curious attendees.

There was also a rumor that the lead developers gathered privately, along with a
few other notable contributors to Bitcoin’s Core code, to discuss what they might
be doing going forward. This is a very positive development. A consensus within
the core code team is very important[/quote]