BREXIT - Congrats on getting out of the EU!!


Yes the personal insults are out of order. I’ll be taking a rest for a while. FYI BoB - i’m doing ok thanks. My concern is not selfish but for the greater good of the country.


Which personal insults?

That may be the case, that doesn’t mean you have a clue what it means or what “the greater good” would actually be though.


just saying.


That’s not a personal insult, you’re welcome to try again though…


look @BoB , it’s not about trying or animosity as such, we are all friends or common interest pursuers at least.

but I can easily interpret some of your statements as being quite aggressive, which some people might interpret as personal attacks, especially if said statements contain the pronoun “you”.

let’s put that aggression behind us, I guess we need to watch history unfold and judge later.


Lloyds Bank reported that its latest index of British business
confidence tumbled to a four-year low in the aftermath of the 'Brexit’
vote as expectations for sales and profit growth dipped from 38% to 12%.


Plunging pound forces holidaymakers into debt


So in the absense of being able to provide evidence that the vote for Brexit has led to a tanking economy the conversation is derailed in to “you’re making personal attacks”, which again you’re unable to provide any evidence of, because, let’s all be honest here, there is no evidence.

If you consider my words aggressive then it’s more an issue with how you choose to interpret information than with anything that I’ve said. As someone who is extremely competent at using language I can promise you that if I want to be aggressive you’d know about it.

There’s a sensible suggestion.

And, in counter to the doom and gloom reports which @aurovine is choosing to use, here’s a nice positive one, about Honda:

As I look around me, I still don’t see the world coming to an end, i still don’t see evidence of an economy which is tanking any worse than all western economies are, in fact, I see no evidence that the Brexit vote has had any negative impact what so ever.

The only people who keep finding reasons to whine about Brexit are those who were ideologically opposed to it in the first place, and I’m left to wonder if the people who are currently spreading doom and gloom predictions either have something more to gain by remaining, or are simply those prone to finding the negatives about everything in life.

It really baffles me, because I know a lot of optimists and they see nothing but opportunity and I know a lot of pessimists and they see nothing but fear and dread and global destruction in every report they read.



@BoB: choose your own reality and live in it, by all means!

I suggest we check back into this thread in a year’s time, by then, your premier may have at least begun the exit process for real, and we will be able to evaluate who is off for the better or worse.

just a final piece of food for thought though, you said:

I’d like to question this bold statement, as you seem to have at least two people in this thread that are “mis”-interpreting your choice of words, and I for one speak 6 languages fluently and use English everyday.

Maybe you should re-evaluate your written language skills a little, since if you were as competent as you like to think, misinterpretation should not be possible.

Anyhoo, Tally-Ho! my british chum, let’s check back here in a year.


Pff, European problems… :joy:


Don’t spit in that well and keep your passport valid… November is soon™.


you know if she wins they wont honor passports anyway.




You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…

The IRS makes sure of that for 10 years after unless they updated the rules recently. Doubt it though :see_no_evil:


I can predict what the comments will be. You’ll still see nothing but doom and gloom and I’ll still see nowt but hope and opportunity. It’s a fundamental difference in the way we choose to view the world, I suspect.

No, what we have is two people trying to derail the conversation when asked to back up their claims. At first there was no evidence to back up the claim that Britain is doomed, then when that failed to materialise it became all about me being aggressive and personally insulting, which, again, you were unable to back up with evidence, instead quoting something which was blatantly and obviously not aggressive or personally insulting. Now it’s being derailed further still.

I can speak more fluently with just my hands than most people can speak their mother tongue. You point being?

I have no need to, the written word has always been known to be one of my finer skills. However, I understand through the experience of people that I’ve met so far on life’s journey, that many will put whatever slant they wish on to what ever words you use and then attack you for that. It’s odd, strange behaviour but then I’ve learned as well over the years that people can say and do some odd things. I don’t let it bother me any more.

Now, if I was a bit more inclined to think like yourself or @aurovine then I could claim that you were being a tad racist by using stereotypical language to mock my British nationality. However, I’m not an idiot, I can’t abide the people who do that and so I’ll just say thanks :slight_smile:

And since you’ve managed to utterly derail things away from Brexit conversation, I’m just going to throw this in here, for the sake of brevity. it seems the OECD have decided their doom mongering miserable predictions of the end of the British economy and the collapse of all things civilised was…well, wrong, basically.


Have a nice year mate!

Not going to comment any further, you seem to be very convinced of your opinion and that is a good thing for you, so why challenge it?

Peace out.


@BoB How you holding up? :smiley:


I think as long as they have jammie dodgers and tea the brits can survive anything?

this is seriously funny though :slight_smile:


better than a lot of my fellow Brits who have got chins as weak as the blue bloods now and who have utterly forgotten that we’re British, nothing’s worth making a fuss over and the best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy a good brew, while the storm blows over.

Shameful, really :slight_smile: