Bryan Micon Statement To Internet About SealsWithClubs


Bryan Micon from Seals with Clubs describes his encounter that led the sites closure.
It is disturbing to see the reaction of the Nevada gaming commission go to these lengths.


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CoinDesk released an article as well:


If they have a search warrant, they can seize property and a receipt is given for the property removed from the home. It is not “stolen” as he continues to claim. Gaming Commissions are required to get a court order for search warrants just the same as the police. Having him in handcuffs is for his protection as well as theirs. Claiming he’s living in a police state is stretching the truth since he apparently had no issues with living in America before the search warrant was executed.


Well, perhaps one thing to consider would be that he was also operating an online poker site without a gaming licence in the state of Nevada which has last year issued licenses to a number of online gaming sites who paid a lot of money in order to be able to offer “regulated” online poker to US residents.

Since poker’s black Friday (or even since UIGEA was introduced in 2006) the state of online poker in the US is or was rather similar to the scams and ponzis in Crypto. Micon sure did a great job with SWC and there is no question that the room was operated properly and not kept afloat with player funds. However, fact is that SWC didn’t have a gaming license and you can be sure that those operators who paid millions for their licensing wont have rouge sites operating on “their turf”.

Setting up SWC in Antigua sounds like a plan :slight_smile:


This is because any form of online gambling was illegal after the online poker sites were shut down or inaccessible from within the United States. If he was operating the site without a license, then he’s lucky that was all he got instead of being arrested for it.


Actually online poker isn’t illegal in the US, read it up. If it was the DoJ would simply shut down all US facing poker sites and networks by banning their IPs nation wide and through other means. The majority of those sites also hold valid gaming licenses even though those don’t cover US states. The payment processing is illegal the moment any form of federal payment service is used. Check out the UIGEA Act.

However the landscape is rapidly changing since last year after Jersey and Nevada (and I think a few more states by now) stared issuing state licenses to the big players in the poker industry which weren’t caught up and shut down during Black Friday. Pretty soon those states will start pooling their players to increase their player pools and they are certainly not spending million for licensing, marketing and in promotions to have unregulated sites affect the size of their player pool. There is to much money to be made in rake to have those other sites dipping into the purse.

See shutting down SWC instantly made hundreds of players play on other sites. In avg there was always 250-350 players online on SWC at any time. That’s a lot of players and a ton in rake.


I thought it had passed but oh well, I don’t really care anyway. If I’m going to gamble it’s at the poker tables in a casino where I can sit across from my opponents and read them or attempt to.


Yeah live poker is the nuts :slight_smile:


Then Las vegas is a good place!