BTC-e PAMM Service


Anyone have experience with new BTC-e PAMM Service? Discussion thread at BitcoinTalk here.


Woah, looks very interesting… I’ve been thinking about using a bot…this seems like a good alternative


That looks really interesting. I enjoy trading just for fun but I’m far froma professional and all the technical stuff pro traders talk about looks like black magic witchcraft and sorcery to me, so access to the trading strategies of pros and people who consistently do well trading is an interesting thought.

Still a gamble, but an interesting one indeed :slight_smile:


Very interesting concept I’ll have to dive into this a little more but I totally like the idea.

Check out the top 5 “master” accounts though. There is a couple up there that are already in the red with their trading so following their lead might not be the best idea.

The site reminds me a little of eToro (Forex) and their “copy trader” feature.


Nice :slight_smile: i will try it, masters&slaves lol