BTC Flash Crash?


It is probably an issue with how they are pulling the data, but I saw this today and though WTF?
When in the past 24 hours did I miss $0.17 BTC :smile:


Haha, that does look a bit mental…

Is it possible that the green arrow simply implies that the price is up, and that the quoted number is where it was 24 hours ago?

If not then I need to seriously consider setting some stupid buy orders, just in case :wink:


Nope, that is the total change, so based on the numbers the price of BTC improved $245.19 since this point yesterday…
I think it’s a glitch, but had to share it :+1:


Hmm that’s wrong imho. The green arrow displays the latest market trend eq last orders been buy orders. Anyway, I need a quick jump to $250 / coin please. thanks.