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I found that tricks lately and while it’s work I’ll share it to you.

Btc-Flow trick is ;

-Create your account in google chrome
-Open your referal link in a private google chrome session.
-Open your referal link in firefox.
-Open your referal link in private firefox.
Invest in each the Jam or the nightclub ( or maybe even more but that would be risky )

Then on every 3 other account you created, your main google chrome account will gain 20 % of every account, so in this exemple 60%.

I hope that trick will help you, see ya.

edit Removed Ref link.
edit 2 ; dont forget to add a different bitcoin adress for each.


Works like a charm :slight_smile:


:wink: :coffee:


You know… I could go to Starbucks and sit and drink coffee and just sit and do this for about 4 hours LOL. I will probably use this to fund some more GHCoins… probably B2 or maybe B1 if anyone sells some :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip buuuudddy XD


lol yeah well at the moment I wait for my sundays payouts of Cloudminr, and since I’m on a job insurance now for the winter I think I’ll do it until either the website close or if they discover that bug.

I would like to be a bank, but the website is too young before I want to invest that kind of money.

Still I think I wont say no to try the car rental or 2 nightclub…

I’ll test tonight an auto-clicker when ill go to bed.


Auto-cliker? What is this auto-clicker that you speak of? LOL O.o … and it’s not a bug per say. They all use different BTC addresses. I guess what you’re saying is that the website doesn’t see that it’s the same IP address. But that’s the great thing about incognito windows teehee!


lol yes.

It’s a program you load, you decide at which frequence you want your mouse to be clicked, let say one time/15 minutes.

You let the mouse on the ‘‘assign to balance’’ kindof button while you sleep and you are sure to not miss anything. I’ll have to test out cause yesterday we had to reload the page often…I’ll test it.


There is a better way, open account in chrome, then add a new user in chome and keep adding new chrome users with new address. I am over it now but this pic was yesterdays effort over 3 monitors ;). It was hardly worth the effort though but a bit of fun for the day.


What about the captcha code code?


you dont have captcha when you are at least lvl 2.


Yes true, was thinking that but would cost a fair bit for 18 accounts :wink:


wow thats a lot of account lol, you do it even if they lowered the max balance of 50 Satoshi for the free level 1 ?


No that is where I stopped, for the most part it was 1200 then went to 800 so not so bad. Still it was just something to do for a few hours, I made 0.00489652 BTC for the 18 accounts with main one getting the 20%.


Hey guys, I have think about something that could be great.

I would need a 12h shift partner.
We would buy at 50/50 the 0.25 lvl 4 Car, and then to maximise our profit, we could split our shift in 12 hours each and when we make a withdraw we split it into 2.

If there is a trustful guy here that would be great. I would be ready in 2 days to make the 0.125 payment.


I’m just using an auto clicker with 0.05 level 2. Working great :wink: I have 2 jobs. One to refresh page and one to click coins.


Almost same here :wink: Just want to look forward and the maximum we could get off that game.


I would do it with you but I am short on the BTC. I am actually earning this much now and still at level 1:

Earning Rate:
0.0000015 BTC/min
Max Capacity:
0.000012 BTC

Wonder how that happened without me leveling up?


Just not long finished a flow. I went to the pub you see


If your flow involved pissing Bitcoin then I’m grabbing a bucket LOL


I’m off too for the following days, I would do it in 3-4 days.