BTC Jam Refinance / Consolidation Loan


Any help you guys could give I would greatly appreciate. Thanks!


What happened that you can’t cover payments for your previous loans?

Nvm, I looked up your previous loans and saw you had it in ZC and XPY. Sorry to hear, hope you can get this loan funded to cover the other payments. How do you plan on paying back this one? What assets do you currently have that will secure this new loan?


Thanks for checking it out

Needed to purchase airfare to California from MN. Had a death in the family

Yea lost a good deal(to me) in hashpoints / zen / gen / waffle / multi hashlet. Unfortunatly I bought in a little to late.
Sold all my stakers and UMISOO to help cover the extra expense
I have hashnest 67 in s5 / Ghcoin / Genesis mining / All totalling just shy of 300 gh. The other is my income, full time employee at UPS.